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HTML 5 Changes The Face Of SEO Friendly Web Development Services

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HTML 5 has transformed the way in which the traditional HTML source code and tags are earlier used in the web page design structure. Unlike its counterpart HTML 4, this latest version has some very useful tags that help developers to have a more concise and compact website architecture.

Being a very innovative concept in the web designing domain and crafted by the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group, HTML 5 is all set to replace the traditional format of its earlier version 4. Despite the fact that with addition of canvas element, version 5 is not very much different from the 4. If observed strategically, version 5 itself not extends any enhancements towards the scripting language compatibility like PHP programming languages.

Page Segmentation:
This is the biggest change reflected in the latest version of HTML during the web development process. For the crawlers, it was a tedious task until now to segment web pages correctly. Page segmentation allows web designing experts an opportunity to deliver a more cleaner and flexible page structure in order to increase efficiency of bots to parse the entire page content. From now itself bots need not to indulge in defining contents on the basis of navigation, scripts, CSS and other other inline elements. Infusing the process of page segmentation not only increases of the page but also allows bots to visit multi-topic pages more precisely. In addition to the page segmentation utility, HTML offers a number of other vital tags that help SEO people to optimize web pages more efficiently.
Article Tag:
Expert at web development services company India coins it as the best ever addition in any available HTML version from the SEO point of view. At one hand it aggregates the entire internal code by mitigating excessive div tags in the source code. Now Search engine can have put more focus on the content material wrapped in the article tag rather the content in other sections of the page.
Section Tag:
SEO experts can now organize the overall structure of the HTML document with the newly added section tag to identify and maintain a consistent hierarchical structure with separate HTML heading for every heading. Now search engines could place more attention on the contents of identified sections since it implies higher relevance.
Header Tag:
For web development services experts, HTML new version offers very similar functionality as h1 tag offers to the SEO people. Unlike the h2 tag, header contains h1 elements, text content and hard coded links altogether.
Footer Tag:
The newly invented footer tag in HTML 5 can be used with header tags each section of the page. This gives numerous search engine feasibilities to the SEO experts.
Nav Tag:
The new nav tag is very much useful in the for the site navigation or external links. This HTML 5 element organizes the page content hierarchy to increase the effectiveness and efficacy of the bots that frequently visit your website for content crawling. A web development services provider company keep the closer watch on all the aspects of Web development services where HTML is used.

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