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Elements of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tarun Gupta | Mar 7th, 2021 | Social Media Marketing Resources
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Social media is unarguably a robust medium to market and promote your business. It’s unequivocally a prominent channel for promotion regardless the size and capacity of business.

With the presence of several top notch social media platforms and multitude of content formats they support, brand and marketers can easily connect with their audience there. But it requires a full-fledged social media marketing in place since not all social media platforms are equal.

Steps to Create a Viable Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Creating a social media marketing strategy needs attention to the details and a well-documented process. The article covers a number of steps to follow in order to prepare a successful social media marketing plan. Here we go.

Allocate Social Media Marketing Budget:

Marketing needs budget. Social media marketing is no exception at all. Allocating sufficient budget for your campaign is crucial to its success. Perfect marketing planning and good budget make a great cocktail of success. It significantly improves your outreach efforts pulls massive customer base interested in your products and services.

Revisit Your Social Presence:

Before starting off for a new social media game plan and strategy, audit your existing social media presence to ascertain where you are and what more is required to be done. Revisit your existing strategy and evaluate the following:

  • Audit the social media platforms you’re currently active on.
  • Check whether photo and cover images, bio, URL, etc. are optimized
  • Find the social network that brings most visitors on your website
  • Evaluate your social media profiles and its impact on your followers.
  • Understand Your Target Audience:

    Any marketing strategy should be focused at audience. Brands should make all the efforts to understand their audience. It’s helpful in finding viable solution for their problems. When mining your audience on social media platforms, be very specific.

    Even if you’re a pro-marketer you can fail miserably if you target wrong audience. In order to have highly target audience for your products and services you should have clear idea about age, location, pain points and their presence on social networks.

    Define Key Success Metrics:

    Your expectations with the campaign can only met if you have defined key success metrics that can be measured. Now social media is far beyond followers, likes and comments. You must have some key performance indicators that you can measure to evaluate the success of your social media marketing campaign.

    If you manage to measure metrics such as conversion Rate, reach, brand Mentions, sentiment and total shares after completion of the campaign, you can determine the success and failure of the strategy. It will help you find if campaign is successful at meeting your business objectives.

    Create a Viable Content Marketing Strategy:

    Content is the only tool that can bring lots of attention. Conveying your message to the right people at the right time should be the aim of any campaign. Content marketing helps in fulfilling this. A right content marketing strategy comprises producing quality content in multiple content formats. Schedule of content posting and its frequency is also important.

    Produce Amazing Content:

    This is the step that must follow the order. Don’t start creating and publishing content without understanding your audience and defining KPIs. Most marketers jump straight to this step and fail to make the mark. Take time to gather content ideas. Content creation is important to any social media marketing strategy.

    As you’re now aware about your audience and their pain points, creating engaging content would be lot easier now. You can use several content formats to build persuasive content stream for your readers.

    The content can be in form of video posts, image submissions, blog posts, Company news and infographics. Users have their individual interests and content preference. Thus, your focus should be on the content align with your mission statement and binds your readers. Create a content calendar tom produce timely content for your social media campaign.

    Launch Cross Channel Social Media Campaigns:

    Now as you’re armed with target audience and beautiful content, it’s time to intensify user engagement. To further engage your customers, run cross-channel campaigns across all your social media channels. Create outstanding marketing campaigns filled with element of engagement. This is important if want your campaigns stand out from the crowd.

    Adding up emotional quotient can help your audience relate better and take informed decisions. Tell your buyers a story and provide them enough information about your product and service.


    Brands across the world are working hard to pull customers to their websites via prominent social media platforms. Generating traffic through social media marketing isn’t tedious if it’s done with a strategy and with all the marketing elements in place.

    By following the social media marketing strategies discussed above, you can embrace your campaign for success and keep the competition at bay.

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