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Convert Your Facebook Business Profile Into A Business Page

Tarun Gupta | Feb 7th, 2013 | Social Media Marketing Resources

I am amused why business owners can't differentiate between a Facebook profile and a Facebook page and go ahead with a sheer stupidity to promote their business using profiles. If I traverse two or three years back, business owners had no option but to plan a profile page to promote their ventures but now Facebook has already introduced its fan page to put the things in order.

Facebook Already Offers A Mechanism To convert

It's not a rocket science at all.Facebook already has mechanism in place that allow you convert your profile into a page. When you execute the process following activities do take place.

  • Your current profile picture becomes the page's picture
  • All your friends and subscribers become the people who like your Page
  • Your account’s username becomes the username for your Page
  • Name associated with your personal account becomes your Page’s name

Even today when Facebook offers a 'Page' to revive and promote your business presence I still see a huge number of operatives love to dance with their business profiles. Undoubtedly, they have their own reasons to endorse the act but being a Facebook marketing expert I rely on the following shortcomings business profiles come with.

A Business Profile is Breach Of Facebook Terms

Seems scary but true. I can bet that a good percentage of the Facebook users hardly browse 'Terms' page on Facebook and if do so they barely remember a single point quoted there. Facebook clearly states that:

“A personal account for anything other than an individual person is a serious violation of its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

If you already have a presence on this social network with your real name address and other credentials you can't maintain a business profile with the same. The statement also states that a user will not use his/her personal timeline primarily for commercial gain. If you want to do so, there is already a provision in place that turns your profile into a page.

Profiles Don't Have A Tracking Mechanism

When you promote your business using business profiles, I afraid you have any way out to track the progress. Since, profiles are designed having non-commercial aspects in mind, there is no analytic or add-on available to determine the user behavior and engagement results. It's quite tough to establish that whether or not your message is reaching to your intended audience in the manner you want. On the contrary, a page has insights that provide a number of information related to the user behavior.

Profiles Don't Support Advertisements and Promotions

Jukerberg's Facebook was designed to have one-to-one communication in mind. But in a changed scenario it has become a potential hub for business owners. Since a business needs promotion and advertisements to improve its customer base, my biggest concern lies here. Profiles unfortunately can't give access to the advertisement and promotion tools. Therefore when you communicate to your audience via profiles, you miss out such a wonderful opportunity of using advertising tools. On the other hand, only a business page has full access of the advertisement and promotional tools for the business.

I hope you would like the whole idea behind my affection with the Facebook page. If you still have concerns and exceptions in mind a whole team of Facebook Marketing experts are there to rescue.

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Jitendra Shukla Says:

I am agreed!!
Facebook already offers facility for businesses to create Business profile for Social Media Campaigning, why people doing ridiculous SMM deeds ? Those who are still promoting business through individual profile having lack of knowledge.