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Most Popular Blog Types that Generate Massive Traffic

Tarun Gupta | Jan 2nd, 2021 | Digital Marketing Resources

Creating blogs isn’t enough. What is more important is producing blog content that is written for interested readers. Blogs are now being written in multiple formats to engage customer attention. All these formats are different from each other when it comes to garner right kind of attention.

Blogs are now beyond text, bullets, images and videos. What seems to be more important is a more focused approach produce right blog content for target audience. Bloggers and content curators are required to go through careful ideation, optimization, and audience outreach to generate solid and consumable blog content.

Popular Blog Types that Generate Traffic

Blog posts can’t deliver results if they’re not written around the search intent. Precisely, search intent means what a user wants to know, learn or purchase when he throws a search query or visits a website. If you fail to understand the intent behind a specific search, you can’t get converting customers.

User intent can be of multiple types depending upon what users want to explore.

Informational Intent

As name implies users with informational intent approach a website to learn something they are inquisitive about. The queries with informational intent (generally) starts with how-to,” “what is,” or “who”.

Navigational Intent

Users of navigational intent approach search for finding website address or locations. Instead of typing a full site URL such as www.amazon.in, users would rather ask a search engine. It’s handy in that case when you unsure about the exact website.

Transactional Intent

Users of such search intent want to make some purchase. These users are looking for websites to purchase something they are interested in. Some examples of such search queries are “buy MI 10” and “hair care package” etc.

If you’re struggling with better content ideas to produce remarkable blog posts, I am here with a list of some most popular types of posts that will help you get more attention and website traffic.

How-Tos and Tutorials

Approximately 80% total searches made on Google are informational in nature. They come in form of how-to and tutorial posts and work wonders irrespective of the niche or industry. A tutorial or how-to guide is written to provide users a comprehensive solution to their problem. Thus, such posts have capacity to get more attention for your products and services from your readers.

How-to and tutorial posts are the best way to connect with your readers and establish your brand as authority. While writing such posts add audio visual elements images, audio, video and infographic in your blog posts. Visually appealing blog posts manage to receive more eyeballs and able to comprehend the subject better.


Listicles is another sure shot blog content type that marketers use to streamline information provided to the readers. Such content appears in top x format or best of x format. It’s proven that a post consisting lists gets 4x more traffic as compared to the standard posts.

Listicles even gets shared more than any other content format. It’s observed that 36% of readers tend to click articles list headlines. Since listicles are organized in list format it’s easily consumable by readers. Articles written in list style can be useful for the readers searching websites with informational and transactional intent.

Case studies

Case studies have always a crucial marketing weapon for marketing and brand promotion. A case study brings forth a number of business benefits for brands:

  • It helps you showcase the benefits and value you product can drive.
  • It helps you present the outline how your product can help addressing customer pinpoints.
  • It enables you to build rapport with your customers

When it comes to lead generation, case studies turn to be the most effective tool. Marketers experienced a significant rise in leads when they showcased brand case study to the potential clients in later stages of a sales funnel. An organized and well-structured case study can deliver amazing results.

An ideal case study includes a process that involves business challenges, proposed solution, results and final conclusion.

Articles about Prediction and Trends

Blogs about prediction and trends pull user attention at scale. For writers it’s about showing off their innate capability display their industry and subject knowledge. Prediction posts have capability to generate traction, spark debates and evoke responses. Readers are mainly interested in such topics to learn something new and entertaining.

User Guides

These are the most comprehensive kind of blog posts generally crosses the standard word limit. User guides can be 3000+ word long and sometimes can exceed this as well. You can see some guides exceeding 10,000+ words even. The length of the blog post depends upon so many things such as details it covers and information and investigation it unearths for its readers.

Writing comprehensive user guides has several benefits. Guides are evergreen and able to generate content throughout the year. An engaging, informative and thorough user guide helps you establish you as subject matter expert. Such user guides manage to receive more social shares, engagement on various platforms and expands keyword opportunities.


Though Interviews doesn’t serve informational or transactional intent, it’s certainly a way to diversify your content. With interview posts you can extend your log reach and broaden its network. Adding interviews is a sure shot way to generate relevant and quality backlinks too. Brands and

bloggers are now using interviews as an influencer outreach tool to reach and connect with audiences.

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