Tarun Gupta

Guest Blogging : Tremendous Shift In Content Marketing

Tarun Gupta | Jan 24th, 2013 | Press Release

The year 2012 has finally passed with serious hiccups in SEO domain as numerous root level algorithm updates put the ice on the potboiler. A dramatic change in strategies and tactics has been proposed by Google in order to put the things in order. Alike other strategies in the vertical, guest blogging has its own importance. If experts in the domain are to be believed, it will be the buzzword this new your for the online business owners.

Growing Worth :

Being the team member of one of the highly reputed service providers across the domain, I firmly believe that guest blogging is gonna be the most astounding tactical change so far in the SEO industry. Matter of fact is that guest blogging is the next buzzword this year and so on. If you value, you yield. Two major aspects of guest blogging in this scenario would be :

  • An attempt to create a prominent outreach
  • High quality content for better engagement

Guest Bloggers Have The String :

The string of so called content marketing buzz is in the hands of guest bloggers. Don't take them lightly. As a writer I do believe that generating a user-centric and ensuring matchless user engagement are two major approaches we bloggers have to think around. A blogger therefore must understand his/her potential users and their reading habits. We must not forget that until we'll give a value to our readers by a trusted source of content, they won't be interested in your products.


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