Email Marketing Automation Services:

brand identity creation servicesBrainpulse offers a robust set of email marketing automation solutions to increase your campaign productivity and effectiveness. With an innovative campaign builder tool, marketers can design and shoot email campaigns based on subscribers' actions, decisions, goals, delays, and exits. This is how we make sure that right communication is sent to the right people and at the right moment. Our innovative email automation platform delivers automated, one-to-one messages based on customers’ actions and preferences.

Brainpulse’s marketing automation gives marketers robust control over data management, segmentation, deployment, personalization, and customer journey design.

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Having a clear understanding of customer’s need is a must for the success of an email marketing campaign. If an Email Marketing campaign’s success. Once you have a better view of customer’s need and desires, you can be able to send interesting, engaging and personalized communication to your customers. Email marketing automation can help you in tapping into and accomplishing the real time need of your potential customers. Automation streamlines your communication follow and helps to:

Email marketing automation is an ecosystem that helps marketers to send effective messages suited to the needs of subscribers. This is truly effective for budding marketers as it easily automates ongoing conversations with customers and ensures de-livery of personalized communication to your target audience.

How Our Automation Engine Helps?

Brainpulse brings to you the best email marketing automation platform ever. With matchless campaign automation capabilities on-board, you can automate your email promotions with highly personalized product offer to match individual customer pro-files.

In a matter of minutes, connect with your high value contacts and generate more referral opportunities for business growth. With Brainpulse, you enjoy enterprise-level email automation without worrying complex workflows and other hassles.

Below are the features that simplify the entire automation process and guarantee 100% campaign success. Find the countless things you can do to create a rock solid email mail marketing campaign.

1. Create Professional And Impressive Emails:

Our innovative campaign automation dashboard comes with 50+ ready-to-use, beau-tiful email templates. Design, test and send professional-looking emails without hav-ing any designing skills.

2. Create Behavior Based Data Segmentation

With intuitive dashboard, plan, build, and manage individual customer journeys based on your subscribers’ data, needs, and run high performing drip marketing campaigns. Segment your contacts by their contact data, campaign interactions and activity on your site so that you can focus on the hottest leads and opportunities. Segment contact data based on following workflows:

3. Track and Monitor Campaigns:

Track subscriber activity on your site/in your app on the go. Measure your campaign progress with a number of key performance metrics. With advanced testing tools in-built, perform an A/B test on your campaigns and ensure if every email is optimized for your audience.

Other Automation Features:

Here are other incredible and must-use marketing automation features that help you build effective email campaigns with ease:

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