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How Email Marketing Can Step Up Your SEO Efforts

Tarun Gupta | Apr 5th, 2021 | Email Marketing

Communication mediums used in digital marketing are interconnected. This beautiful conjunction helps each medium to enhance its efficacy and maximize overall results. Unfortunately, Marketers though, don’t take these channels in complete totality and create branding and messaging campaigns by targeting channels individually. It sometimes prevents campaigns from fetching the desired results.

How Email Marketing Helps in SEO?

A similar correlation does exist between email marketing and SEO. But it isn’t immediately obvious. Digital marketers are increasingly using email marketing to intensify their SEO game. I am listing here certain ways email marketing can impact your Search engine optimization efforts and bear fruits.

Drive Quality Traffic:

Email marketing can drive loads of quality traffic on your website. This is probably the biggest benefit of launching an email campaign. Being a website owner your motive should be on quality of traffic.

Relevant traffic converts more easily. One way to attract quality traffic through email marketing is by adopting personalization. Though, the feature isn’t exclusive to email marketing marketers preferred to personalize email marketing campaigns more as compared to any other channel.

It’s revealed that over 38 percent of email recipients open email only if it’s particularly and specifically relevant to them. Thus, emails should be tailored to your audience’s interests and their email preferences. Targeting right audience via personalized emails can attract tons of relevant traffic to your website.

Improve Onsite Audience Engagement:

Email marketing campaigns bring on board more engaged audience. Targeted campaigns attract qualified traffic. This means it gets highly engaged readers interested in your content. The more your readers interact and engage with your content, the more likely they are to eventually convert.

End of the day the goal of SEO too is to targeted and engaged customers. And with organized and personalized email campaigns you can achieve this. Though I am not sure whether engagement metrics are a direct ranking factor, they can for sure boost your chances of ranking high. Put best efforts to drive your audience to content that matches their interests and preferences. It can escalate your search visibility over time.

Help You Design Targeted Content:

Email marketers tend to customize various elements of emails before sending them. They thoroughly test and analyze subject lines, content body and call-to-action according to their engagement quotient. Over time the practice brings in massive amount of data and insight that can be used to enhance your search marketing strategy.

Once you complete testing different email elements, you will be able to understand your audience’s interest and preference. In this way you can send campaigns to your target audience. On the basis of their preferences you can make data-backed decisions about your website.

For instance, if you get to know that a particular headline gets more clicks, you can create a content campaign around that specific headline. Similarly, if a new CTA performs well, you could apply the same CTA copy into your website homepage.

Help You Turn Newsletter into High Quality Content:

Email marketers tend to create exhaustive newsletters and other email campaigns to their subscribers. These are the original content that is highly relevant to their interests and reading preferences. You can use third party, third- content curation service to blast relevant and high quality articles from other publishers. The content can be curated around trending topics specific to your industry niche.

If you aren’t convinced about this approach you can also produce original email content that is highly relevant to your subscribers. You can choose topics to cover that haven’t been covered yet. The unique and high quality content shouldn’t be limited to, your email newsletters only. Instead, you can republish them on your blog or website.

Help You Grow Your Social Presence:

If you manage to offer quality content to your target audience, you can get the content shared more on the social media platforms. Quality rich and engaging content motivate users and subscribers to share it on their own social channels within your campaigns.

In search engine optimization, social signals play an important role. Though it isn’t an immediate ranking signal, it can significantly boost your SEO.

Increased social sharing brings a number of SEO opportunities for marketers. It unearths link opportunities and increase positive brand mentions in niche industry domains. Beyond that, there’s evidence that social shares correlate with improved search visibility. It’s believed that the growing social presence exponentially improves search visibility.


If you are planning your next digital marketing strategy, evaluate the strength of each channel that you want to include. Thoroughly analyze the correlation between email and SEO. The conjunction can fetch a number of business advantages, including a surge in organic traffic and boost in search rankings. Highly targeted email campaigns can drive qualified traffic to your site. It eventually helps to achieve your ultimate business goals.

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