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Whatsapp marketing legalNo it is not. Using Whatsapp for marketing purposes or sending bulk messages is a violation of WhatsApp’s Terms & Conditions. If you’re found to be using whatsapp (standard app) for sending unsolicited marketing messages to large numbers of people who haven’t opted in, WhatsApp might take action against you. The Facebook owned messaging platform has so far banned millions of accounts and continues to do so.

WhatsApp is Made for Personal Communication

As long as you are using the app in personal capacity, there is nothing wrong with that. WhatsApp doesn’t prohibit marketers from marketing, announcements, or any other form of communication with their personal contacts on WhatsApp. Whatsapp’s terms of service are self explanatory. The company doesn’t approve of bulk or mass messaging using WhatsApp messenger to unknown recipients. However, it doesn’t limit you to send messages to the recipients in your contact list or broadcast list.

Unsolicited Messaging is Against WhatsApp ToS

In it’s terms of service, WhatsApp mandates strict action against the individuals and organizations involved in abusing the platform. Any kind of bulk messaging, automated messaging or non-personal use of the platform is a clear violation of the company's usage policy.

How WhatsApp Detects Violation?

You can use the app to contact people if they have given you their WhatsApp numbers and agree to be contacted. Whatsapp is smart enough to detect abusive practices to trick the platform. For instance, a whatsapp account that blasts over hundred messages within five minutes of its registration on the platform is certainly dubious and engaged in abuse.

  • Their technical team keeps looking for the phone numbers and IP addresses that have already been banned for suspicious behaviour. They prevent them from creating new accounts.
  • They track use of automated bots that send messages without typing first
  • They ban WhatsApp accounts that add thousands of users by creating bulk groups in a short space of time Putting ban on newly made accounts that attempt to send messages in bulk.

However, WhatsApp doesn’t forbid businesses to use the platform to offer individual customer support by serving one customer at a time.