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How AI Can Personalize Your Email Marketing and Boost ROI?

Tarun Gupta | Jul 15th, 2021 | Email Marketing

The influence of AI or artificial intelligence can be seen in almost every service vertical. Email marketing isn’t an exception. AI is the driving force behind innovations like segmentation, email personalization, and automation of email marketing campaigns.

As email marketing has become the most preferred communication channel for companies to connect with the audience, brands use AI-powered tools to make communication more personal.

Using big data and machine learning, it becomes easier for marketers to analyze the data collected from the subscribers. Mining this data further allows marketers to segment audiences based on several demographics and create bespoke content unique to the audience.

Tangible Benefits of AI in Email Marketing:

AI-powered tech has built-in capabilities to analyze and process data. It helps in fetching crucial insights that assist in providing recommendations, decisions, and predictions.

Revenue Growth

Artificial intelligence-based technologies provide recommendations on how to improve CTR. By employing hyper-personalization, these tools automatically improve the click-through rates of the campaign. It results in a significant rise in revenue from campaigns.

Marketers using email personalization can expect increased open rates compared to those running the standard email blasts. Personalized emails engage more customers and motivate them to purchase.

Cost Reduction

Since AI tools optimize campaigns to make them faster and easier it considerably cuts the resources invested in creating email marketing campaigns. These tools already have enough insights to use in building email marketing campaigns and launching them faster.

Increased Audience Engagement

Manual ways to build and email marketing are prone to error. The process involves human interference and standard practices of manually testing subject lines, email body, and images for a particular campaign. It’s a complex process that hurts overall audience engagement.

AI technology improves this at scale. It speeds up the process of generating email content and suggesting subject lines. It significantly boosts conversion and revenues.

New Audience Discovery

With machine learning capabilities, email marketing tools can conduct experiments on the audience. These tools segment or group their subscribers based on their demographic details (age, gender, location, etc.) and past purchase history. Analyzing these behavioral patterns helps marketers to discover new and distinct marketing segments for more customized email marketing campaigns.

Role of AI in Email Marketing Automation

The advantages that AI brings to email marketing are aplenty. We have got some of those benefits covered in this blog post. Have a look.

Effective subject lines and email content

AI-powered tools enable to write a perfectly customized email text that resonates with the recipients. It can help to improvise the email’s subject line and enhance the choice of words being used. Machine language and Natural language processing make it possible.

AI tools are packed with NLP capabilities that let users compose highly relevant and engaging subject lines. Such headlines are more effective and impactful than those created by humans. NLP analyzes your brand voice internally and utilizes the insights collected to create compelling subject lines.

Personalizing email Copy

People tend to go into a transaction if the merchant shows care and offers something relevant. Such businesses get loyal customers that purchase more than a regular customer. It eventually boosts their revenue. A personalized email copy significantly improves your chances of having a loyal customer base.

Technologies like deep learning and big data help marketers to produce highly tailored email copies for their target audience. This kind of innovation can give you the ability to create email content recommendations that are personalized on an individual level to increase conversions and engagement.

AI makes it possible to create highly personalized email content recommendations on an individual level to boost conversions and engagement.

Email Delivery Enhancement and Content Optimization:

Artificial intelligence-powered tools and techniques improve the deliverability of emails to the intended recipients. These tools analyze your email lists and user segments to create automated email workflows. Workflows help to send email communication to the right audience and at the right time.

AI significantly improves and optimizes email delivery time so that you can ensure high email open rates and Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize your email delivery times at a personal level so you can make sure all recipients have a high probability of seeing your email which improves email engagement.

Email List Management

Besides helping to improvise email content and subject lines, AI-powered tech lets marketers organize email lists. Over time email lists become stale and obsolete. It requires deep filtering to weed out invalid and non-existing email IDs from the email database.

AI-based tools help marketers update email contacts, remove invalid email addresses, and update details like phone numbers, job titles, and other information automatically. This automatically boosts deliverability during email campaigns.


Email marketing is the most cost-effective communication channel for reaching out to potential customers. Combining AI with email marketing turns it into a more effective channel. Machine learning-based methodology has revolutionized the ways email marketing campaigns are conducted. Now, marketers can benefit from the best of automation, personalization, and data analysis.

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