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5 Surefire Ways to Get Success in SMS Marketing

Tarun Gupta | Apr 5th, 2017 | Digital Marketing
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Among many other digital marketing methods that marketers use to create audience outreach, SMS marketing is the most affordable and result-oriented. Over the few years, companies have been focusing broadly on text message marketing to communicate their products and services to the target buyers at the right time. If used properly, marketers can use SMS marketing for precise audience targeting.

If you’re still clueless, here are two statistics that will open you up. Stats say that 97% of Americans send or receive at least one text per week and SMS messages have a 98% open rate compared to email’s 20%.

5 Ways You Can Skyrocket Your SMS Marketing Efforts:

However, just because these messages are opened and read, it doesn’t necessarily mean that conversion is going on. To get your audience engaged and then converted into a prospect, you need to be very focused about your SMS marketing strategy. This article illustrates some key points that you should adhere to while launching a SMS campaign. This is the only way to get your campaign delivered with better ROI.

Message to the Right Recipient:

For a successful text message marketing campaign, your messages should be reached to the people who are your intended audience. Unless this is true for your campaign, your efforts are in vain. The contact list should have the people filtered according to different parameters such as gender, demographics, age group and their past buying behavior. Bombarding message into the inboxes of random recipients is annoying and illegal.

Don’t send messages to anonymous people. Give your customers the choice to receive your messages via a subscription process online. Sending permission bases messages will help ensure that your messages are reaching to the interested persons.

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Be Short and Crisp:

Text messages are limited to 160 characters in length. A message longer than this is broken up into multiple text messages. This could sometimes cause a number of problems, including non-deliverabilityof the messages. Therefore, you need to be short, crisp and accurate while conveying your message. This is also of ultimate importance to include a call to action so readers know where to go and how to take action. Your business phone number or URL could be some sure fire examples of effective CTAs. Don’t use slang in the messages and try to be creative as much as possible.

Keep Tab on Message Timing:

Like other marketing campaigns, timing determines the success of an SMS campaign as well. Messages shouldn’t be sent too late or too early. You need to give your recipients enough time to read and respond to the message. Sending irresistible Xmas offers post Xmas won’t yield any response. Consider writing the message in advance, then sending it later.

Besides the timing of the messages, their frequency also matters a lot. I have already stated above not to bombard recipients’ message inbox with frequent marketing messages. They get annoyed and start to ignore/delete your text message upon receipt.

Be Creative with the Message Pitch:

The variety of the messages sent leads to increase in open rates and hence the conversion. Text messaging isn’t like social networking where you keep repeating messages at certain intervals. Your messages shouldn’t be repetitive and must be interesting. Promotions that you’re offering should be different from your existing offers that you already have shared. Sending them same deal / offer time and again can create annoyance.

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Give Recipients an Opt-out Option:

Let recipients decide whether or not they are interested in your communication. In your message itself, append an opt-out option so that they can stop receiving your messages anytime. In most cases, it builds trust. It sends signals that you care about recipients’ privacy over your business aspirations.

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Apart from the points covered, it’s also very important to keep an eye on your results. Monitor and analyze the results to make sure that you’re sending the right person to a relevant group of audience. In addition to that, mark metrics such as such, as open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and the number of subscribers to calculate the efficacy of the results.

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