Email Marketing Plans

Email Marketing PlansBrainpulse’s managed E-mail Marketing Solution is designed to offer marketers a way to setup and distribute beautiful and result-driven email marketing campaigns within minutes. With highly customized and targeted email marketing plans and a robust email marketing infrastructure, we ensure 99.99% message deliverability. Each of our email marketing plans address unique customer needs with automated targeted emails that allow you to send right email communication to right person and at the right time.

Salient Features of Our e-mail Marketing Plans:

Our custom email marketing plans are tailored to your business requirements. We use highly advanced tools and automation strategies to ensure the maximum deliverability for your email list. Here are the reasons why our world-class E-Mail marketing plans are the best bet for your business. With each plan you get the following features:

Robust E-mail Infrastructure:

Our industry-leading e-mail infrastructure is backed by suite of tools and powerful developer API that that keeps delivering your emails in the right mailbox they are meant to.

Contact List Management:

Manage your contacts with an innovative drag-n-drop tool. Create and save unlimited contact lists as per your requirements and use them whenever you like to use.

In-built Email Designer:

With each e-marketing plan, you get an easy to use mail designer that helps you design professional and beautiful emails for your email marketing campaign.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting:

Plans are packed with campaign tracking/ reporting features that help you analyze how campaigns performed and where they need boost. You can also create custom reports to get the campaign insights in detail.


Performance Based E-Mail Marketing Solutions

Our performance based e-mail marketing campaigns work on an interactive advertising model. Here you needn't to pay for the campaign with a set price but with variable pricing model that depends on the performance of the campaign. Following are the performance based e-mail campaign programs you can choose from:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Pay for the traffic / click that is derived to your website through our email marketing campaign.

Cost Per Open (CPO)

Pay only for the Emails that have been opened by the users.

Cost Per Mail (CPM)

Pay for each mail sent to the users, buy credits for us and send emails from our control panel with detailed reporting.

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