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Features Of An Online Travel Portal Development

Tarun Gupta | Jun 3rd, 2013 | Web Development Resources

For numerous tours & travel service agencies and intrinsic suppliers like car rentals, airlines and hotels, a precisely developed travel portal is a great tool to manage their day to day operations. A true travel portal offers travel suppliers an intended potential to improve the convenience of traveling and expanding customer service opportunities. An integrated Travel Portal Solution is the best for various entities such as:

  • Travel suppliers
  • Online and offline travel agencies
  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Ticket booking counters

These travel portals are some of the very innovative applications useful for travel service providers of all sizes and strength. Most of these solutions contain dynamic website like looks, flash presentations and innovative inbuilt communication techniques to add more to the service efficiencies.

Why Travel Portals

Recent surveys conducted in travel and tourism industry have suggested various encouraging trends in terms of customer behavior.

  • The number of unique visitors to online travel portals have increased by 18%.
  • Online ticket and hotel bookings gone up to 62% by 2012.
  • Growth of travel websites soared up by 25%.
  • A significant number of travelers started using online mode of booking for their travel tickets and hotel facilities.

A number of other significant factors led travel agencies and service providers to adopt automation of their manual travel management process. I am listing here some of them.

Growing Business Challenges:

Globalization has become the most decisive factor for the companies and left them with no other option but to develop their ways of service offerings loud and clear. In recent years, the travel industry has visualized significant changes and impulsive shift in customer expectations. A number of credentials have become more important such as cost reduction, service efficiency and scalability during the operations.

Bridging Soaring Cost:

This is the key advantage of the automation of your travel business. Whether an application is based on Open Source Development technologies or ASP. Net development, it offers a cost advantage over the traditional mode of tour operation management. Some major airline still believes that their manual distribution cost of infrastructure and other overheads. Using an automated travel solutions travel service providers minimize the cost incurred at a greater extent.

Better Customer Engagement:

Only an automated travel solution using Custom Web Development can help to invite, retain and pursue more customers together. It was an incessant demand of travel agencies to develop an application that may help them to interact with their customers and potential buyers. For the agencies that book hotels, need to get in touch with the customers prior the purchase, during the stay and after they leave the hotel. An innovative custom web development architecture for the solution offers several methods to the agencies to let them interact with the consumers.

Primary Travel Portal Business Benefits:

  • Easy automation of online bookings.
  • User-friendly and innovative interface.
  • Multi-user and Multi-access control system.
  • Easy third-party integration.
  • Fully compatible with payment gateways.

Major Travel Application Modules:

  • Advance Search Module
  • User Registration module
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • MIS Reports
  • Visa & travel Info Integration
  • Flight/Hotel/Taxi Booking Module

Tools / Technologies Used:

Developing a travel application demands a good amount of time, investment and resource. A web development company has incredible experience in PHP development and ASP. Net Development and comprises an integral team of web development professionals. They are experts in various tools and technologies used in the travel portal development.

  • PHP and .Net.
  • DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Jscript.
  • MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle
  • Java

Features Of An Ideal Travel Solution

Travel Portal Solutions

Technically, travel portal is specifically built for travel industry. An ideal travel portal solution covers all the major aspects of to help agencies air booking, hotel booking, travel packages, bus booking and insurance. A standard solutions whether developed using PHP Development tools or any other technology, contains a number of various standards and features.

Flight Bookings:

A standard solution offers a web based application module for domestic and international flight bookings. This application is internally linked with a unique flight reservation system. Once a user selects an inquiry and submit it for the transaction, it is automatically redirected to a payment gateway for final processing.

Hotel Bookings:

A solution must have a module for hotel bookings as well. It allows users to search from various options available in the hotel category with an appropriate price tag and associated amenities. Once a user selects a hotel with proper details, he is redirected to the payment gateway for final payments.

Forex Module:

We are living in a world where globalization is a buzzword. Numerous currencies are being used by the global travelers across the world. That is why, a travel portal must contain an application for Forex, specially designed by the website development services experts to display and include updated buying and selling rates of foreign currencies. The module is also processed through an innovative payment gateway using various payment modes.

Payment Gateway Integration:

In a portal designed for tours and travel management, it is very important that a user may conveniently pay for the amount he has to pay. An innovative payment gateway integration module helps users to do so. These gateways enable users to pay for the services using net banking and credit card facilities.

Automation always plays a significant role in a B2B/B2C business model. An effective and well-managed travel portal helps business houses to manage their travel business with full proficiency and transparency.

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