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E-mail Marketing Best Practices

Tarun Gupta | Apr 25th, 2013 | Email Marketing

Almost every marketing campaign is inclined to a single motive to generate sales for a particular product and service. Email Marketing Services aren't an exception either. If I compare it with other marketing modes, I find it for cheaper and sustainable in a number of ways. If steps are taken correctly and executed in a proper manner, email marketing becomes a strong and powerful medium. I personally believe that it creates quite a good platform in terms of business value and relationship.

A Quick Look On Email Marketing Etiquettes

Before indulging in the strategic stipulations of email marketing campaigns, let me take a quick note on the major email etiquettes that you must follow to ensure minimum mail bounce rate and maximum audience reach. Here I presume that you already have the basic idea about the email marketing.

  • Send emails only to those who subscribed or requested you to do so.
  • Include only the content related to the subject matter.
  • Keep eye on the bounce rate and sending frequency.
  • If possible, use schedulers to manage the frequency.
  • Include both plain text and an HTML version of your email.
  • Take good time to build and refine your email list.

Email Marketing Best Practices For Marketers

Now let's debate on some pertinent email marketing strategies that the most experienced email marketers are used in order. These best practices can make the difference and may help you out to increase sales, and building strong relationships with the subscribers.

Email Marketing Solutions

E-Mail Format / Subject Line:

Let's start with the format of an email that you suppose to send to your subscribers. The primary component of the letter is its subject line. We all have an interesting habit to filter an email to the junk folder if we find it unsolicited or unidentified. Most of the people throw a look on the subject line of the mail to determine whether a message is worth reading or not. I am stating below four respective examples of subject line and an Illustration why it will fail to capture the reader's insight.

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    All seems well with the heading but the major problem lies in its character strength. I recommend you to keep the subject line between 20-50 characters to make the title attractive and insightful.
    By seeing the subject line you can easily have an idea what is wrong with the same. Certainly, the subject line in 'all caps' is damaging the prospect here. Content based spam filters will instantly block this subject title in most of the cases.
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    This is the third consecutive example of a messy subject line. This subject line is very short and doesn't provide any information about the message.

Timing Of The Email:

This is probably the million dollar question every Digital Marketing Services expert asks. The timing is certainly an important factor that decides whether your email is being read or being routed to trash folder. Every individual has his/her own preference about a time when he /she wants to read mails and messages. There is no such hard and fast rule to define the right time for the emails but experts believe that weekdays could be the right when you send emails to the subscribers. While sending emails make sure you are not sending it in happy hours or on weekends.

Frequency of The Mail:

Balancing the frequency of the emails seems very important during the process. It is extremely important to get ready to fire the mill when buyers are ready to subscribe. You should however give enough time to the readers to read and respond to your mails. Until they get the complete idea about your mail they won't respond at all. If you throw the same message again and again, it will put your readers in the dilemma and chances to get sent in the junk folder increases. You may create a sign up form to ask your readers about the frequency of the mails they want to subscribe. On the basis of those inputs you may choose daily, weekly or fortnight delivery of messages. If you are thinking of conversion, a precise sign-up form will always be a big help.

Mail Personalization:

Personalization is certainly a great tool and a powerful method to improve open rates and decrease overall bounce ratio. There's a number of a ways to personalize an email. You can take the advantage of the Mail Merge utility of MS Word to personalize the email campaign. Personal touch doesn't mean at all to instigate the emotional quotient with the customized business worlds. You may be polite in your message that you want to convey your potential audience.

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