Linux Operating Systems

BrainPulse Technologies specializes in offering premium web hosting services based on the customer’s need and financial allocations. The technically sound team bears matchless expertise in offering you the range of solutions to choose the apt web hosting service for your website.

Technical expertise assured with Linux

Speed & Performance

We exhibit flawless expertise when it comes to delivering and speed performance on Linux platform. Of course, the aspect has very close relation to our knack of providing high flexibility that is suitable for all fine-tuned, task-oriented system configurations. With this, system administrators enjoy the ability of configuring Linux servers to perform optimally.

Stability and security

Be it any aspect of Linux Web Hosting, you would find us excelling in it, just as with the case of providing security and stability. Naturally, this has become possible due to the coupled effort of our professional team of RedHat certified hosting experts and huge open-source community of developers. The team is on constant watch to work tirelessly to identify, patch and fix any bugs that are detected.

Developer friendly environment

We possess unbeatable quality in providing developer friendly environment. We offer our customers support for the open-source tools, like PHP and Python scripting that are much required to create their sites.


Along with the incredible hosting support that BrainPulse Technologies provide to its clients, the provision of vast, active network of committed developers is also available. Those hosting their sites in a Linux environment will never have to get tensed about the support. Moreover, since Linux is a highly progressive platform, the developers keep coming out with fresh ideas so that more innovative work can be done.

Technical Expertise assured with Windows

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