How File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Works ?

FTP or file transfer protocol is a basic way to transfer files to and from servers. With FTP, multiple users can shares access to all these transferred files. Numerous web publishing applications are harnessing the potential of FTP to connect and upload to the web server. In web hosting, the purpose of FTP is to transfer files from a local computer system to a web server.

Send and manage files over the internet

Once you have created and developed your web documents on your computer with help of advanced text editors and other internet document editor, you would want to get an easy way to upload those files to your remote web hosting account. It also allows you to view and manage files stored on a remote server. FTP is the exact protocol that enables you to perform this action. In addition to file transfers, it also helps in moving, deleting and renaming files on your server, just from your computer. FTP is an absolute file uploading and sharing solution for all web hosting plans including shared hosting plan, virtual private server or dedicated server.

How does FTP Function

In order to create an FTP connection, users need to have their correct FTP username and password. In most cases, the username and password of your FTP account will same as your web hosting accounts username and password. However, if you come across any sort of difficulty in establishing the connection, it is best contact your web hosting provider to gain the correct information you require.

Managing within FTP account

FTP clients are usually user-friendly with easy "drag-and-drop" ability to transfer files. In addition, FTP client will also enable user to recommence a download that was put on hold due to some interruption, instead of starting it from the beginning. Also, you get certain security features, like log-ins and passwords set up.

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