What Is Domain Parking?

Domain parking enables individuals to use an inexpensive way to reserve a domain name for future use and website development, redirection of Web traffic, or re-sale. Companies that are involved in the business of registering domain and selling domain often provide domain parking services free with domain registration. It is easy to park domain because it does not need any web hosting services.

A parked domain has one simple page. If the buyer has intentions of developing a website, the page will have “under construction” banner on default. Most domain parking services come with annual renewal process and has no condition of instant website developed. Individuals can get their domain developed into a full-fledged website whenever they want. Till that time, they can monetize on their parked domain.

Domain Parking

The three-step guide to monetize on your parked domain

Once your domain is received by the selected Domain Parking Company, they will start creating a website as per your selections and directions. In addition, certain ads will get displayed on the pages. Every a visitor will click on your ads, you make money.
Domain parking is the most incredible way of making money with your domains. The techniques only wants you to book a domain and rest everything from designing to creating content and adding ad on the website, is your domain parking company’s responsibility. However, above all, is the ease of not paying any charges for web hosting services because that too is handled by the Domain Parking Company.

Note: The web industry is flooded with several companies that specialize in domain parking and monetization. However, it is must to ensure that whether or not, your selected domain registrar provides domain parking services.

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