Understanding the Concepts of SEO

Defining SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process devised to improve the volume and quality of traffic coming to a website from search engines through the means of natural search results for targeted keywords. Usually, the higher the website is present in the search engine result pages, the better rate of traffic it receives. The process of Website optimization is planned around different kinds of search, including image search,local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Search Engines

Most of the web traffic is driven by 5 major commercial search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves and AOL. However, many other search engines such as Altavista, Gigoblast, Netscape and etc are also available on the Internet.

Classification of SEO

The process of SEO is broadly classified into two broad categories.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO states the process of optimizing the content on your web site pages, by making suitable modifications as per the algorithms of the Search Engines so that the search engine gets convinced about the relevancy of your website for a particular theme.

On Page SEO involves practices to give right markups to the website's content while stressing on the primary keywords and the theme of the website. Markups states that the documents should be properly formatted along with the HTML tags like Meta tags, header tags, bold, italics, ordered lists etc.

Off page optimization

Just as On page optimization, Off page optimization techniques also have the same objective of increasing the traffic influx rate of the website. However, these techniques are not practised directly on the page or .html file. Mentioned below are the most popular and efficient Off page SEO Techniques.

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