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Buy Instragram LikesInstagram likes on your Instagram posts are important to your Instagram brand page. They help you build your authority and credibility further. More the likes your posts get, more the traction your brand gets. Heavily liked posts on Instagram sends signal that the brand is quite popular and people love to engage with its content. Don’t let your brand go unnoticed on Instagram. Get 100% real and quality Instagram Likes instantly from Brainpulse.

Buy Instagram Likes: Our Plans

  • Bronze PlanRs. 600/-


    100% Real Manual Likes

    Delivery Time 7 Days

  • Silver PlanRs. 2400/-


    100% Real Manual Likes

    Delivery Time 10 Days

  • Gold PlanRs. 3900/-


    100% Real Manual Likes

    Delivery Time 13 Days

  • Platinum PlanRs. 9000/-


    100% Real Manual Likes

    Delivery Time 16 Days

Accomplish Your Business Objectives

If you manage to get more likes on your Instagram images, videos and status updates, you’ll get noticed and liked more. Number of likes on your Insta posts helps you build a strong rapport for your brand on the web.

Generate Traffic

More likes on your brand page are the people who likely click on ads and reach your website.

Generate Leads

Instagram likes help to generate more leads right on the Facebook news feed.

Drive Sales

More likes boost sales, sign-ups, purchases or any other desired action on your website.

Get App Installs

More Instagram likes help to get more app downloads with targeted ads that direct straight to your app page on the App Store or Google Play.

Boost Engagement

Targeted engagement campaigns help to gain post engagement, Page likes, Event response and Offer claims in mind.

Enhance Brand Reach

Tailored follower centric Instagram campaigns to help you reach your targeted brand audience quickly.

Instagram Likes improve your brand image:

Number of Instagram Likes that your posts on this social network manage to get, directly impacts the way people perceive your brand. Huge number of likes on a page symbolize how credible and popular your brand is. If you successfully able to gain huge number of likes on your brand page, you can easily outshine the competition.

Instagram Likes improve your online presence:

Having great number of Instagram posts like is crucial for your brand visibility and promotion. If you have more likes on Instagram, you can easily promote your business, build more connections and get featured on Instagram.

Instagram Likes help you promote your brand:

Your Instagram Likes can help you promote your products/services on Instagram. When your Instagram posts get more likes, your brand goes popular as more and more people come to know about your offerings.

Buy Instagram Likes in India From Brainpulse:

Our ‘Buy Instagram Likes’ service is tested and has been used by over hundred celebrities and enterprise on a daily basis. Whether you are a business, or an individual, Brainpulse offers you 100% genuine and organic Instagram likes from the people who will be really interested in your content.

Organic and Permanent

All purchased Instagram likes are permanent, of high quality and permanent.

No Bots used

Likes come from real Facebook profiles. No bots are used to generate fake likes.

No Login Required

Need not to register. Just fill in Facebook URL and start getting likes.

‘Buy Instagram Likes’ service from Brainpulse is the quickest and easiest way to get more followers. Millions of people including celebrities to local businesses have bought organic Instagram Likes and engagements from Brainpulse.

We are a Call Away:

We've been offering Buy Instagram Like service since over a decade. So far we have served over 2 million clients with organic Instagram followers on-demand. Don’t get cheated by cons offering bot generated likes in rock-bottom prices. Our services are effective, affordable and guaranteed.

To know more about how you can get buy Instagram Likes plans, give us a call at 0120-6790400. Our social media marketing experts will brief you about each and every detail.

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