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With mobiles, tablets and other gadgets taking over the existing modes of communications, businesses find them extremely effective for audience outreach. Marketers across the world are using mobile marketing to contact their potential customers and tell them about services that benefit them.

Mobile Interstitials Penalty

It appears to be the final warning to the webmasters from Google. They got enough time to get into the sync with the intrusive interstitial guidelines. If you haven’t yet made changes to your website / web pages accordingly. The search giant hinted that starting from January 10th onward it will begin to devalue web pages in mobile search with intrusive interstitials.


Tarun Gupta
AMP URLs Set To Change into New Non-Google URLs

Tarun Gupta December 7th, 2016 Mobile Marketing no comments.


It was an expected move as AMP URLs were frequently seen compromised by hackers and phishers in order to inject their malicious URLs. AMP URLs were in constant threat of hacking as it showed it was coming from a URL. In the new URL schema, Google is adding subdomains that will be similar to the existing site’s domain.


Tarun Gupta
Google Explains How It Handles Tabbed Content

Tarun Gupta November 8th, 2016 Mobile Marketing no comments.


Ever since Google hinted roll out of Mobile First Index, webmasters raised their concerns about tabbed content on twitter a few times. In response to the query, Googler Garry Illyes said that there should be no issue with the content being devalued on mobile.

Mobile First Index

Google released a document on upcoming Mobile First Indexing change that Google has already started rolling out. With the update, Google sets to prioritize the indexing of mobile websites over desktop websites. That means, now onward, mobile websites will be considered first for ranking signals by the search giant.

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Now, Google has begun testing this experiment where it will primarily consider mobile version of a website for ranking signals, and automatically fall back on the desktop version if no mobile version is available. The makeshift aims at giving preferential treatment to mobile content when deciding how to rank results.