Flash Remoting Services

Creating rich Internet Applications was never so easy!!

Yes! The incredible technology of Flash Remoting from Macromedia has arrived and made it a mere task to send data back and forth from Flash to the server through its potent and simple programming model. Basically, it creates a network communication channel between Macromedia Flash and your web application server, creating Rich Internet Applications much easier and quicker. Moreover, it assists incorporation of rich Macromedia Flash content with applications built through Microsoft .NET, Java, and SOAP-based web services.

Flash Remoting Easily Supports All The Java And J2EE Resources

Rather than wasting time and efforts on deploying more content for the .NET server, Macromedia Flash MX allows developers to utilize the existing business logic with the rich application interface. Flash Remoting easily supports all the Java and J2EE resource like objects, beans, classes, and EJB, thereby, can be deployed on both J2EE and Java application servers. Flash is now an efficient alternative to Java applets and holds a few benefits as:

As an efficient alternative to Java applets, Flash offers following benefits:

Flash Remoting Services

Flash Remoting services manage all the back and forth data requests. From the form of strings, integers, arrays to objects, recordsets, and much more, everything is acceptable. These components enclose the essential ActionScript, serving like an API for making remote service calls using Flash Remoting. Also, a tool called the NetConnection debugger is very important as it allows one to trace and watch events on both the client and server.

Flash Remoting Action Strategy

Flash Remoting Service follows a simple procedure of serializing Flash objects, sending them to the server, de-serializing them and then providing them to the flash application in a perishable way. Also, it transfers the message in "AMF" format which makes messages appear much smaller than plain xml.

Flash Remoting And Our Strategy

To save you from getting bamboozled with the overwhelming efficiency of it we have worked hard to emanate an efficient workforce of Flash programmers having proficiency and professionalism required to formulate affluent Internet flash remoting applications.

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