Virtuozzo VPS Solutions

Virtuozzo ServersBrainPulse brings to its web hosting services clients the intelligent virtualization expertise via Virtuozzo Servers. It enables creation of a virtual environments (VE) or containers on a single physical server. Its technology outshines many other powerful competitors. It boasts about the best degree of reliability, performance and manageability. In addition, its incredible features of cost-effectiveness and supple infrastructure make it easy for us to deliver excellent cloud hosting services and Virtual Private servers. providing services to your customers in India.

The Competence of Virtuozzo

  • Excellent performance: It renders the most efficient virtualization technology and has the highest level of scalability and density required by any virtualization solution.
  • Efficient manageability: It enables the outstanding competence of managing over 1000s of customers at an amazing price.
  • Resource management: It may seamlessly manage many VPS and Cloud server packages running at different levels of CPU, disk I/O, memory, and storage space.
  • Quality integration: easily integrates third party systems with command line and API interfaces to enable full automation to deliver and bill for services.
  • Application templates: Easily deploy and configure applications into virtual servers. This allows extension of existing services.

In addition to above mentioned features, it also boasts about:

  • Dynamic library sharing
  • Cross CPU workload scheduling
  • excellent reliability and stability
  • Mass management and task automation
  • Multi-platform support
  • Highly cost-effective nature
  • A full range of management tools

For More Information

In order to seek more information on how are we working with Virtuozzo or Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere 4.0/4.1, then talk to us. Get in touch with one of our sales representative and post the request to speak with our web hosting technical support team.

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