Thawte SSL Certificates Plan

SSL123 Certificate

    Thawte SSL Certificates

  • A thawte SSL123 certificate India provides validation that your domain is registered and that you have authorized the purchase of the certificate.
  • Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and your clients' web browsers.
  • The Thawte SSL Certificates inspires trust in those who are considering communicating / transacting with you.
  • SSL Web Server certificate

SSL Web Server Certificate

  • Confirms that you are who you say you are in a virtual world.
  • Encrypts information sent to and from your web server.
  • Protects information from being tampered with.
  • The domain for which the thawte ssl certificates was issued. This allows customers to check that the certificate was issued for your domain (URL).
  • The legal owner of the certificate. This acts as further reassurance, since customers are able to see whom they are doing business with.
  • The physical location of the owner. Once again this reassures customers that they are dealing with an
    actual entity.
  • The validity dates of the certificate. This is extremely important, since it shows users that your SSL Web
    Server certificate is current.

SGC SuperCert

Thawte's new SGC SuperCert
now automatically steps up to 128-bit encryption for
certain end-users with the Windows 2000 operating system
who, in the past, would not receive 128-bit encryption
irrespective of the version of Internet Explorer used.
The systems affected are those that shipped prior to
about March of 2001 and did not subsequently have Microsoft's
High Encryption pack or Service Pack 2 installed. thawte's
SGC SuperCert ensures that all these site visitors enjoy
the protection of the strongest SSL encryption available.

An SGC SuperCert from thawte will allow
you to extend 128-bit encryption to your customers,
even if they use browsers (IE 4.X or Netscape 4.06 and
later) limited to 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities.

Documents Required for Thawte Web Server Certificate

  • Certificates of Incorporation (Needs to be attested
    by authorized signatory with the company seal on it).
  • Telephone Bill in the name of Organisation and
    of the number used by the Corporate Contact for the
    Certificate and an attested copy of the Telephone
    Bill of the number you use. Should be a Board number.
  • Signature Verification Letter from the Bank.
  • Domain Authorization Letter.

During attestation the following should be put on the document

  • The words "Certified True Copy".
  • Offcial seal of the signatory / organization on first page.
  • Signature, Full name and designation of the Authorised Signatory on the first page.
  • Initialization by the Authorised Signatory all the important pages of the document.

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