Plesk Control Panel Features

Plesk 8.6 the latest release of the award-winning Plesk control panel designed by SWsoft, has been around for several years and installed on thousands of servers worldwide. Plesk has a large following and is known as a control panel you can count on for reliability and ease of use. Plesk has a fully redesigned professional interface which caters to all types of customers Admin support.

Plesk Domain Management Features

  • Support for international characters in domain names
  • Perform domain backup to repository, FTP server, or workstation
  • Schedule domain backup, set up backup files rotation
  • Preview site before DNS propagation
  • Create sub domains
  • Add and Manage Site Applications in new Application Pack
  • Manage @domains
  • Automatically create a new site with point-and-click ease, based on a domain template or custom requirements
  • Monitor bandwidth on a per site basis by traffic type: http/https, pop3, SMTP, IMAP, ftp, anonymous ftp. Webalizer is included for traffic statistics. Quick view traffic history
  • Manage webusers
  • Manage multiple MySQL databases
  • Create email, mail groups, autoresponders
  • Create protected directories (SSL and non-SSL), assign users to them
  • Protect the cgi-bin directory or subdirectories within it
  • Log File Rotation Management
  • Upload and manage site files using File-Manager
  • Manage site using FrontPage Web-Admin
  • Use Crontab Manager
  • Create Domain aliases

Plesk Email Management Features

  • SpamAssassin Configuration
  • Includes email account creation, deletion,
    aliases, groups, redirects auto-responses,
    account on/off switching
  • Allows for Mail Users private secure
    login access
  • Manage mail preferences
  • Set autoresponders, aliases and vacation
  • Receive and review email anywhere, anytime,
    from any Web browser
  • Change mailbox passwords
  • Create mail groups and redirects
  • Set Mailbox quotas

Plesk Reseller Hosting Features

  • Automate new site deployment by defining
    a domain template once
  • Create an unlimited number of targeted
    domain templates for sites
  • Track supported applications and allocated
    resources such as disk space, monthly
    bandwidth and number of users
  • Bundle and meter top requested features
    such as multiple MySQL
  • Choose different security options during
    site creation (for example allowing scripting
    for webusers)
  • Restrict access to Desktop or standard
    interface only
  • Add clients/resellers with point-and-click
    ease, using a client template or per customer
  • Upgrade the resources available to an
    existing client/reseller and manage their

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