Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization

Microsoft Hyper-V BrainPulse has deployed the very competent and powerful Hyper-V Server, a hypervisor-based server virtualization product for server consolidation. The product displays great virtualization expertise by seamlessly consolidating massive workloads onto one physical server. Working with an extremely efficient technology, Hyper-V is widely known for its reliability, scalability and maximum virtualization competence. It runs on AMDV or Intel VT server chips and has helped a great count of companies with much improved server utilization at affordable rates. In addition, Hyper-V Server takes away the chaos of sharing hardware resources with other VMs as it renders complete separation from other virtual servers that run on the same physical server.

Microsoft Hyper-V Features

In addition to above mentioned advantages, it also offers convenience of:

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To know more about Microsoft Hyper-V or other virtualization technologies such as VMware vSphere 4.0/4.1, Virtuozzo, please speak with our executives who will get you in touch with our technical experts. Our technical support team is always eager to resolve queries and answer questions from our clients. You may also read our web hosting services articles, knowledge base and other informative resources.

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