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Drupal hosting services India can be the most ideal choice for building a Drupal based website filled with features and utilities of all sorts. In addition to the impeccable set of excellent and affordable web hosting services, we also provide free Drupal theme installation, collection of tutorials along with powerful servers ensuring excellent performance.So without any further ado, get your Drupal based website up and running now. Avail the best technical support from certified Drupal Hosting experts.

Meeting Drupal Hosting Requirements


Although Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.x works best for Drupal, installation on IIS can work well too.


Normally, the version of PHP required is decided according to the setup version of Drupal hosting solutions. As for instance, Drupal 4.7.2 need PHP 4.3 or higher, whereas Drupal 4.7.5 or greater runs best on PHP 5.x.

Database Server

As Drupal cannot store any of the content as files on the webserver, Database server is required and hence, a PHP supported database like MySQL or PostgreSQ is required. Recommended by the drupal hosting services experts are the MySQL 4.x or higher. If you are using PostgreSQL, version 7.3 or higher should be used. Although most features are functional in both the databases, some of the third party modules may not work well on Postgre SQL.

In addition to these basic requirements, Drupal Hosting solutions also requires the following permissions for the database - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER, CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, LOCK TABLES.

Bonus Drupal Hosting Features Offered

  • Option to have Limitless web space
  • Customized server setup
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 live server monitoring
  • Industry-leading hardware
  • Any number of email accounts
  • MySQL databases

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