Web Hosting Control Panels

In the realm of web hosting, control panel is defined as web-based interface that enables the clients to control and manage their multiple hosted application and services from a single place. Almost all control panels are now a GUI (graphical user interface) and permits access to web site statistics, database administration, email management, server load viewing, and much more. It is provided to the user by the Website Hosting Services provider.

Control Panel

Best That A Control Panel Offers:

  • Ease of quick Database management
  • FTP users’ account maintenance
  • Email account configuration
  • Web- based file manager
  • Server logs access
  • Exact information on existing and used webspace and bandwidth
  • Visitor statistics via web log analysis software.

Control Panels We Offer:

A whole range of web hosting control panels is available today. We have listed below the most frequently used panels

  • Plesk
  • cPanel
  • Helm
  • HostScreen
  • LPnael
  • Ensim
  • H-sphere
  • VHCS
  • Webmin
  • And many more

Widely Used And Accepted Control Panels :

Plesk: Plesk is an economical choice of all webmasters. Its remarkable ability of stability has attracted many clients who have information demanding above standard stability. However, its limitation is its range of features. Plesk stand behind quite a few control panels, when it comes to the features.

CPanel: CPanel is has the highest record of clients in the web hosting market. Irrespective of being pricey, it has managed to gain popularity everywhere, including web hosting India, on the attribute of plenty features and incredible user-friendliness. From enabling easy and smooth customization of the features/programs to the ability of skinning, it has every required feature.

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