CMS Made Simple Hosting Solutions

With significant experience of working with the CMS MS based websites and an increasing list of businesses using CMS MS applications, we are using our expertise in rendering world-class, secure and reliable CMS made simple hosting services comes by default. The company has earned remarkable reputation in delivering top-notch hosting services to its clients, worldwide.

In addition to our exclusive CMS Made Simple hosting package, you will receive a whole pack of CMS Made Simple tools ensuring hassle-free building and management of your CMS Made Simple based website with just a few simple clicks! So, without any further delay, come, join hands with us and make use of our extensive experience to your benefit.

CMS Made Simple Hosting System Requirements

  • Although it works well on Linux/Unix and Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Me/2003 may also be used hosts having expertise in them.
  • Any webserver among Apache 1.3, Apache 2, IIS 5+ and LightTPD 1.4+ can be used.
  • PHP 5.2.x or PHP 5.2.12+ is recommended. However, Versions Prior to CMS 1.7 are well supported by PHP 4.3.3+
  • Safe mode turned OFF
  • For supported database, any from MySQL 4.1+, MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL 7+ can work.

We take pride in stating that it is the ideal combination of our matchless hosting expertise and fulfillment of all CMS MS hosting system requirements that help us, in earning a wide range of hosting customers.

Bonus Features Offered

  • Ample of space and bandwidth to aptly handle your websites.
  • Complete compliance with all CMS Made Simple hosting system requirements.
  • 24/7 world-class qualified and experienced technical support from certified hosting experts.
  • Customized server set up.
  • 24/7 live server monitoring
  • Industry leading hardware

For hosting CMS Made Simple Development, a variety of aspects ranging from secure servers, supported database to additional bandwidth and quality technical support are required to be taken care of. Thankfully, we have it all.