Website Statistics

Website statistics are critical to determine the overall impact and success rate of your website, and make sure that your exhaustive marketing initiatives are working effectively to flood your website with visitors and sales.

Insightful information rendered by Website Statistics

Use of Data as per the business’s nature

Every website has its own way to use the obtained data. For example, a personal website will concentrate more on the count of visitors that the website receives each day, whereas the business focused website will be more aggressive and take into consideration the other websites that are driving traffic, and the keywords. Similarly, big business websites will try to scoop out every informative data and analyze it to gain detailed insights.

Multiple Types of website statistics

Basic website statistics software is offered with web hosting services. Some of the most popular and frequently used website statistics are Wusage, Webalizer and Analog. They run on the web host’s server, and provide raw log files offering essential facts.

For superior website statistics, clients may request their advanced choices. Normally, it is divided into two broad categories of raw log files processing, and invisible tracking gif processing on each page of the website to trace visitors remotely. Raw log files processing require web host’s co-operation.

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