Email Spam Management Solutions : Spam Guard

Spam Guard is a powerful and cost-effective e-mail filtering tool that eliminates over 95% of all spam before they reach your inbox. It is a hybrid multi-level spam filtering system, using an intelligent linguistic probability filtering engine, black-list filtering, attachment filtering, and heuristic words and phrase filtering.

Email Spam Management Solutions

Spam Gaurd offers protection across all of The BrainPulse server lines and provides:

Solution Details

Spam Gaurd is designed to allow the delivery of valid email while rejecting as much spam as possible when it first enters the network before it reaches your server. This design takes the load off your system by rejecting mail that isn't wanted or can't be accepted, and significantly reduces the chance that bounce messages will be generated by us or back to innocent third parties.
As part of this process, your email is stored for seven days, so spam guard gives you the added security of knowing that in the event that one of your mail servers goes offline for any reason, your email will be backed up from the last seven days.

Defining parameters for filters and obtaining reports and graphs on accepted and blocked transactions is easy.

Key Features

Benefits of the Spam Guard:

Price : $ 25 Month

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