Domain Name Guide

In the dimensions of web hosting services, a Domain Name is used to identify one or more IP addresses and URLs to identify particular Web pages. In a very non-technical language a domain name is the representation that you see in your favorite browser after ‘www’ and before sign ‘@’ in an e-mail. In standard conditions, a domain name comprises two components namely Top Level Domain (TLD) and the Second Level Name that is also known as actual name. In, .com is the top level domain and BrainPulse is a second level name or mid-level domain.

Domain Name

There are a number of TLDs available in the marketplace.

gTLDs: A generic or gTLD is a top-level domain that denotes a specific type of organization. These are three or more letters long, and fit for any organization. Some primarily used gTLDs are:

ccTLDs: A country code top-level domain or ccTLD is a top-level domain used for a country or a dependent territory. The rules of using ccTLDs are standard across the countries with some customized exceptions. Find below some of the very famous country code TLDs:

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