What Is Active Server Pages

ASP or Active Server Pages is the opening server side scripting engine from Microsoft, designed to allow users to create dynamic and interactive web pages. It is like HTML pages with embedded ASP scripts that are worked upon the server prior to its release to the user. Active server pages enables users with the ability to generate dynamic database driven pages, a user is permitted to check the data stored in a database, and interact with page objects like Active X or Java components.

The requirement of embedding ASP code into your web site’s HTML Pages is inevitable to fulfill the need of a dynamic data-driven web site. The most impressive fact about the web site developed using ASP is that they change as per the actions of the user. It is through the ASP code that you get to link your web pages to a database so that interaction with the web page by logging in can be accomplished.

How does ASP work?

A browser sends a request for an ASP, the Web server produce a page with HTML code and returns it back to the browser. Web hosting experts may find ASPs very comparable to CGI scripts, but they allow Visual Basic programmers to process with familiar tools. It is important to note that web pages with ASP will not run properly if opened in a web browser directly. And, hence, it must be ensured that the page is requested on a web server that supports ASP.

Who can play around ASP

ASP was initially launched by Microsoft on its own web server, Internet Information Services (IIS) and that functions on all versions of Windows ranging from Windows 7, Vista to XP Pro, NT4 and Windows Server OS's such as Windows 2000, 2003, 2008. Hence, this is the web server that makes ASP pages run the best on.
So, if you have Windows and need to work with ASP on your own system then you would have to install Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS). Thankfully, IIS or its micro version Personal Web Server (PWS) is available with Windows at no extra cost.

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