Graphical User Interface Design Services

User interface design is the creation of applications that focus or concentrates on the user’s experience and interaction. The major goal of user interface design is to make the user interaction as simple and efficient as possible while accomplishing their goals. The design process should balance the meaning of its visual elements and the functionality from the technical perspective so that the system is both usable and adaptable to the changing user needs. Strong user interface, with a high usability rate is imperative for the success of a product.

Our user interface designers apply a systematic technique to design a wide range of web based applications and evaluate websites for maximum effectiveness, easy navigation and enhanced user experience.

User interface Design Process

User interface design documents help to resolve many queries. Wireframes define the page content and layouts, use cases define user interactions and their sequence, software requirement specification defines business rules and a visual design defines the user interface look and feel. The HTML prototype stimulates the real system and allows the stakeholders and users to try it beforehand. The process that we follow involves:

Phase 1- Initiation
Our business analystperforms a requirement analysis on the basis of questionnaire. Based on the client’s answer the analyst defines the business goals, user goals and project success metrics. The scope documentation is prepared by the project manager and agreed upon by both the parties.
Phase 2- User Interface Modeling
Here our analyst and user interface modeler define personas and navigational maps. After the personas are agreed upon by the client contact person, the user interface modeler creates wireframes and an HTML prototype. Here the user interface can be seen, clicked through and even discussed.
Phase 3- Usability Testing
Our analyst and designer prepare the usability test tasks. Here the user interface modeler observes the protocols and analyses their performance. Based on this analysis, the wireframes and HTML prototype are updated. Due to this phase, the quality of the user experience improves.
Phase 4- User Interface Specification
Here the production manual for the development team containing the software requirements specification and the use cases are prepared by the business and the user interface modeler.
Phase 5- User Interface Production
Our visual designer prepares design mockups and updates the HTML prototype to apply visual designs and the result of this phase is that the user interface presentation is completed.
Final Phase- Delivery
Our project manager prepares all the deliverables and delivers them to the client. After its approval, the project is considered as complete.

GUI Designing: Deliverables

At the end of the User Interface Design process, there is a series of documents produced and delivered to the client:

  • Wireframes : A set of graphic documents that describe page layouts.
  • Use Cases :. A set of text documents that describe page navigation and interactions.
  • Software Requirement Specification : A text document that describes business rules and functionality in detail.
  • Visual Design Mockups : A set of graphic documents that define visual design.
  • HTML Prototype : A set of clickable pages that simulate the real system.

You can view examples of work we have done for our Clients, with online links to their websites where applicable, in our online Website Design Portfolio.