W3C CSS Designing Standards

In Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a style sheet language is used to describe a document, written in a markup language. Its common application is to style the web pages written in HTML and XHTML language. In simple words, it is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. color, spacing and font) to Web documents. By making the use of W3C CSS standards, we aim to provide a customized service to our users. It enables customers to have a greater degree of flexibility and control over the website presentation. Depending on their browser and the website, a user may alter any particular attribute of any style and can have a view to the various style sheets provided to them by the designers.

W3C CSS Designing Standards India

Benefits of W3C CSS Designing Standards :

  • Coding becomes simplified and easier to follow
  • It offers Superior accessibility
  • More search engine friendly
  • Web Pages become lighter and can be loaded faster
  • Website designed using W3C CSS standards are easy to modify and maintain

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