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Software QA Testing Services Massive paradigm shift in software development, automation and compliance has escalated the growing needs of software testing for the businesses. This new scenario has pushed companies to focus on adapting onshore, offshore and hybrid Software QA Testing Services. They are noway able to cope with an accumulated expenditure of not less than 10 to 12 percent of their annual IT budget on fixing the core application issues. To cut their cost overheads, businesses are now accommodating them holistically in their process.

Software QA Testing We Perform :

Most of the software fails during deployment stage due to lack of investment in managing critical processes. If this is the case with you, BrainPulse is at your rescue. We are the undisputed leaders in software testing and quality assurance with considerable experience of no less than 10 years. Our QA services are backed with dedicated test centres, accurate test scripts, test data and test runs.

Our enterprise level Software QA Testing Services India are designed to reduce QA bottlenecks to enable you focus on core areas of application enhancements. Following are the key takeaways we offer:

Functional Testing:

The process is handy for all kinds of software projects and proposed for the long term engagements. Our functional software test process is fully flexible and easily adaptable. We have a full-fledged team who is well versed with associated automation procedures. Our team takes advantage of the best available techniques to complete the process. The techniques include requirements profiling and validation, risk-based, model-based and automated test designs, system integration and regression testing. They take care of a range of activities during the the phase:

  • Error-free integration
  • Effective compatibility testing
  • Enhanced reliability of applications

Performance Testing:

A team of performance testing experts works consistently to give clients a tested software product that meets all key performance requirements. Our QA team carries out stress testing, volume testing, and SOAK testing to establish and improve the capabilities of the applications. We have huge experience in Software testing and performance optimization of products. Our testers work with a well-defined strategy identify bugs and bottlenecks. We use a range of advanced and automated tools and execute our methodology as per the industry standards. They test products through cost, time, and technology in order to give them better marketability. Following are the major components that we take into the account during this phase:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Scalability and volume testing
  • Soak testing

Security Testing:

Our Software QA Testing Services addresse all the issues and bugs that hamper the smooth functioning of an application. Our QA experts at BrainPulse settle out various kinds of threat perceptions, explore the ways to prevent new vulnerabilities if it happens. We have expertise in a wide range of cross site scripting methods, website testing, and SQL injection techniques. Using robust open source tools, we ensure affordable security testing to curb security failures of any kind. The activities we cover in QA are:

  • Product security testing
  • Website testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Cross site scripting
  • Static vulnerability scanning
  • In-depth test analysis
  • Flaw testing using SQL injection
  • Exhaustive analysis of risks

Automation Testing

Our QA automated test is meant to deliver specialized automation services using high-end software quality software testing tools. We follow structured automation approach to ensure maximum test coverage & minimum maintenance efforts. This helps organizations to save significantly from the allocated budget. Following are the services that we offer during the phase:

  • Automation Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Framework implementation
  • End to End Automation development
  • Tool implementation
  • Dashboard/Report customization
  • Training
  • Integrate with automation tools

Software QA Testing @ Brainpulse

Our testers are proficient in commercial and open source test automation tools. They successfully implement data and keyword-driven test automation strategies to get the best results. We have decade long expertise in managing and delivering long-term strategies using a proven automation framework. Using best of the breed methodologies, baseline scripts, tools and templates we ensure faster test cycles and more precise results.

Still have queries? Call us now on 0120-6790400 to get in touch with our Software QA Testing team. They will tell you about our exclusive plans made specially for the businesses like you.

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