Laravel PHP Framework Development

Laravel PHP FrameworkLaravel is a PHP based web application framework popular among developers for its expressive and elegant syntax and ease of development process. Laravel keeps the source code organized and has a large open source community to provide online support. With several key features and in-built templates, the framework enable developers to create fully functional web applications. Acclaimed as the most popular PHP framework of 2013, followed by Phalcon, Symfony2, CodeIgniter and others.

Why Laravel PHP Framework?

If compared to other frameworks, Laravel is distinct in many ways. The framework has been developed around a code syntax that's simple and expressive. For the developers, this PHP framework offers a web development architecture which is developer friendly and offers code that is maintainable.

Key Features Of Laravel

For competent web developers, Laravel is packed with key features that give it an upper hand over the existing PHP frameworks.

  • Query Builder for more direct database access
  • Application Logic
  • Reverse Routing
  • Version Control
  • Database Seeding
  • And much more

What Our Laravel Application Development Covers

Our team of dedicated Laravel developers are proficient in technical specifications of this framework. Their Laravel knowledge base and sound technical pursuit help them to create everything from small sites to massive applications. See the range of services that we cover:

  • Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel Extension Development
  • Laravel Customization & Integration
  • Laravel RESTful Application
  • Laravel Extension Development

Why BrainPulse Laravel Development

By leveraging its superb inversion of control container, expressive migration system, and tightly integrated unit testing support, we have successfully developed applications tailored to the clients' needs.

  • A team of proficient Laravel Developers
  • Several hundred projects successfully delivered
  • Highly competitive pricing and timely delivery

We have been in the business of Laravel web development ever since it made to the market. So far, we have developed 100+ applications using powerful Laravel tools. For our developers, working on this framework has always been a pleasing experience.

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