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YouTube, the top most video streaming platform boasts of its over a billion audience base a month. Such a massive user base opens up untapped opportunities for marketers wanting to market and promote their videos for bigger audience outreach. A ranking video in YouTube search can introduce your brand to new audience, increase brand awareness, and obtain paying customers for your services and products. If you’re struggling with low ranking videos, dropping video views and poor watch time, our YouTube SEO services can help you. We are an expert YouTube search engine optimization agency with a team of YouTube SEO professionals who help you rank your videos higher in YouTube search.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, next to Google. The platform is growing consistently. It’s estimated that approximately 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To standout in such fierce competition your videos have to be unique, engaging and well optimized for search abiding YouTube SEO guidelines. While optimizing for search, it’s important to have a fine balance between optimization and user experience. Over optimization can hurt user experience and video watch time.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO or YouTube video SEO brings together a multitude of white hat search optimization methods and professes to increase the search rankings of the videos in YouTube as well as Google search. A wisely implemented SEO process significantly improves visibility of your videos for relevant searches made by users. As your videos start appearing in top of SERPs, you can see visible improvement in watch time and video views. Even great quality videos fail to gain traction without proper optimization.

How YouTube Video SEO Helps Brands?

Optimized YouTube videos rank well in searches and appear most frequently in recent video recommendations. With YouTube SEO, you will be able to create a massive audience outreach, gain a huge brand exposure and earn a loyal followers base.
Very much like Google, video content that appears in the top of search results receives the most click and hence, the most views. Therefore, it’s equally important to focus on YouTube video SEO besides content quality and user experience.

Here are the many benefits you can avail out of our YouTube SEO services:

Achieve Organic Rankings

YouTube Search engine optimization helps to gain organic rankings for your videos in search results. Unless you rank higher, it’s tough to grow other video metrics.

Increase Watch Time

With our proven SEO techniques, we improve visibility of your videos at scale. As traffic starts to increase on your YouTube videos, watch time automatically increases.

Gain More Subscribers

If your videos frequently crop up on top rankings, you’ll be considered an authority. Now people will likely to subscribe your channel for regular updates.

Improve Click Through Rate

With proper video SEO in place, our YouTube search optimization team boosts number of clicks on your videos without using any kind of clickbait.

Earn More Revenue

A video that receives good traffic and manage to engage viewers for long has more chances to convert visitors into paying customers. More customers mean more conversion.

Get More Engagement

Growth in subscriber base directly influences the engagement on your videos. As more people are now subscribed to your videos, engagement will grow rapidly.

YouTube SEO Services: Our Strategy

To keep the competition at bay on a platform like YouTube, you have to have a solid strategy in place. Only a right kind of YouTube (video) search engine optimization by a YouTube SEO agency can bring expected results. Merely having a video uploaded and promoted somewhere isn’t enough.

We are a renowned and professional YouTube Marketing agency that’s pretty much aware of nitty grittiest involved in Video SEO. We follow only ethical SEO best practices top optimize your YouTube videos. No clickbait, no Black Hat, No short cuts. Our team performs activities that bring the organic results you always needed to grow your channel.

Keyword Research

Keywords are integral to video content and important to video SEO. During the phase our SEO consultants discover various keywords that your potential buyers are searching to find a product. The discovery using premium keyword research tools give gain insight into the top keywords your video should optimize for.

Title Optimization

A catchy tile propels people to click on your video and watch. Our team creates optimized and engaging video titles that resonate with your audience. The title has your targeted keywords embedded into it with a natural tone. A perfect tile helps YouTube to understand what your video is all about.

Description Optimization

After getting fine tuned title for your video, our video SEO team optimizes the description. This element is equally important as it sums up your video in few lines to YouTube. Our team creates a description within the prescribed length with a call to action and keywords included naturally.

Thumbnail Optimization

Your video thumbnail directly impacts the click through rate. Our team creates custom thumbnail for your video that entice people to click through this. Custom thumbnails always get more views and clicks. It’s a sign for Google that your video is popular and being watched.

Tag Optimization:

Tags are as crucial as keywords. They make your videos more searchable. Our team finds more variations of your relevant and highly targeted keywords related to your topic and uses them as tags in videos. Tags provide additional information about your videos to search algorithms.

Video Promotion

Once we fix all above elements of the video, we start promotions at scale. It involves both organic and paid video promotions. To grow its organic reach and ranking we do a number of promotional activities that include social media promotions, paid ads, community sharing and influencer outreach.

Go right with YouTube SEO: Brainpulse Advantage

If your videos don’t do well, it’s time to change both your existing strategy and agency too. Join hands with Brainpulse, top YouTube marketing company and YouTube SEO experts. We can enhance your search ability on YouTube at scale with our YouTube search engine optimization services.

We are backed by 20+ years of solid experience in social media marketing; a team of enthusiastic YouTube marketers and 1500+ happy clients across different Geolocation globally. Don’t wait any further. Contact us for free quote.

20+ Years in Business

Established in 1998, we are now 20. Throughout these years we have successfully accomplished several social media marketing projects and served over 8000 clients with 99.99% success rate.

Dedicated YouTube Team

We have a team of talented SEO professionals who have great understanding of various Video SEO factors and ever evolving YouTube algorithm updates.

SMM Best Practices

We stick to the ethical and white hat SEO practices that bring sustainable rankings and great traffic. We don't use or recommend spam or black hat techniques.

Still have queries? Call us now on 0120-6790400 to get in touch with our SEO Consultants. They will tell you about our exclusive SEO plans and the mechanism in place to put your website higher in search rankings.

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