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Signal marketing servicesLaunched back in 2014 signal has come a long way being the most secure and privacy protected messaging app. This is an open source open-source messaging app that keeps utmost focus on user privacy and enables users to send encrypted text messages, voice memos, and make video calls. With over 10 million users on board, Signal messaging app is a fantastic platform to connect you is your target customers without comprising their privacy. Our Signal Marketing services are a great way out to enhance your brand reach and grow revenue using Signal messaging platform.

Signal – A Messaging App with More Security and Privacy:

Before knowing further how we can leverage Signal marketing to help your business grow, let’s have a brief introduction of Signal.

What is Signal?

Signal is like any other messaging app built with a slew of known messaging features. The only difference that stands it apart is the level of privacy and security it holds. This end-to-end encryption app is free and available for both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to the enhanced security protocols the app comes with a multitude of familiar messaging tools including read receipts, Emoji support, group chats, and voice and video calls.


Why Use Signal?

Nothing can beat the level of security and protection Signal chats are protected with. Each and every communication (say chats) passed on via Signal is fully encrypted and can’t be intercepted by intruders. App’s powerful end-to-end encryption is powered by its own open source Signal Protocol. That means Signal doesn’t read messages or listens to recipient’s calls and stores any user data.


How Signal Can Help in Business Promotion?

Signal has many amazing features inbuilt that turns it into a perfect marketing and promotion tool. The app has every feature that makes message sending and broadcasting a smooth affair. Besides free to use app, it lets marketers send text and multimedia messages, share photos and videos and links etc.

Product Advertising

With privacy focused cross-platform messaging app, Signal can be used as a great tool for promoting and advertising products and services without privacy apprehensions. The platform lets you expand your product reach.

Customer Communication

With Signal’s myriad messaging features you can communicate your customers in real time. Besides sending promotions you can engage them in two-way communication too to explain them more about your offerings and answer many of their queries.

Asking Feedback

Receive customer grievances and address them right from the Signal. It’s handy in cases when your customers have issues with your services and products and want resolution on Immidiate basis. It not only enhances your brand’s credibility but improves trust as well.


What Makes Signal A Perfect Messaging Tool?

Signal has many amazing features inbuilt that turns it into a perfect marketing and promotion tool. The app has every feature that makes message sending and broadcasting a smooth affair. Besides free to use app, it lets marketers send text and multimedia messages, share photos and videos and links etc.

Privacy Focused:

Messages sent on the platform are protected and secured via end-to-end encryption. Only recipients can read the message. Any kind of data breach or message access to any third party is way impossible.

Open Source:

Since Signal is an open source messaging tool its source code is open to use for developers and coders. They can conduct independent audit of the source code to ascertain the level of security and privacy in the app.

Collects No User Data:

Signal doesn’t store user’s sensitive information except phone number and profile information. It reduces chances of compromising user’s personal information with third parties. Other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook asks and collects plethora of personal information from users. In the table shown below you can see the list of information that messenger apps collect from the user overtime.

Whatsapp Telegram Signal
Device ID Phone Number Phone Number
User User ID Email ID
Advertising Data Saved Contacts
Purchase History
GPS Location
Phone Number
Email Address
Saved Contacts
Performance Data
Payment Info

Key Features of Signal Messaging App:

Signal is a brilliant platform for brand marketing and promotion. You can use these features to capture your extended audience on exist on this platform.

Linked device:

Unlike WhatsApp that’s available for mobile and web, Signal can be used phone, laptop, tablet or any other device all at the same time.

Group Video Calling:

Signal allows users to make group video calls on desktop devices. Just add contacts from the list and add a name to the group and go ahead.

Read Receipts:

Like WhatsApp Signal also provides Read receipts with ‘enable’ and ‘disable’ attributes. If enabled your contacts will be able to see whether you check their messages or not and vice versa. In case you disable the feature your recipients won’t be able to know when you check the message.

Dark Mode:

To make reading messages easy on eyes during nights Signal also offers Dark and Light mode options. User can toggle between dark and light mode from settings tab.

Animated Stickers:

Another noteworthy feature available with is animated stickers. The feature is similar to one on WhatsApp. Users can use existing stickers or can create their own (custom) as per their need from the Signal Desktop app.

Group Call and Invite Links:

Group call is another cool feature available on Signal. Earlier it was limited to five users but now as many as eight users can do a group call. Additionally, you can send group invite link to other Signal users to join the groups.


Signal Marketing in India: Why Brainpulse:

Our Signal marketing services are built around your growing business promotion and advertising needs. Don’t miss to capture your potential customers on Signal app. We launch data driven Signal Marketing campaigns backed by proven strategies. Give us a call. Our team will answer all your queries related to Signal Marketing. Give your business a boost and earn a vast new stream of audience for your business on Signal.

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