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Each SEO campaign that we run, is equally important for our clients and for our portfolio as well. We therefore spend good time in analyzing the campaign nature and performing comprehensive SEO research before launching the campaign. Being the top notch search engine optimization company, BrainPulse carries out comprehensive SEO analysis services for the clients to give them the best ideas about the paramters where their websites are losing the ground. We are a reputed SEO company with a proven track record of offering innovative solutions designed to break all conventional limits in the frontiers of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

What Research And Analysis Report Answers ?

Our SEO Research services India team has spent years on SEO analysis to answer complex questions asked around SEO/ SEM. If you are planning to launch your own SEO campaign and looking for the answers of some of your queries, our professionals will help. Get all your queries resolved with our credible in-depth reporting structure. The reports will cover every SEO parameter which in anyway affects your websites performance.

Type Of SEO Research Report We Deliver :

To help you move your SEO campaign in right direction, our SEO research services India professionals generate several SEO Reports that can help you take your campaign in the right direction. Following are the reports that we offer:

1:Top 5 competitors Analysis report:

The best way to beat competition is by being one-up on them at all times. Our competition analysis report gives deep insight into strategies employed by your competitors. It explains various parameters used by your competitors like keyword targeting, link building and others. . The report is a big in identifying problem areas and losing points where your very next competitor is winning momentum. The competitor analysis report consists of the following:

Cost: 850$

2: On page website optimization Analysis report

This report comprises several recommendations for improving on-page assets on the website

3: Keyword Research Analysis Report

Targeting the right keywords is a very important factor and our keyword analysis report ensures just that. Our keyword research services takes into account data from over 200 search engines using powerful API's and tools to get to you the best keywords that you should target for your SEO campaign.

4: Off Page optimization analysis and Strategy recommendation Report

This report gives you an insight into your current status on the off page optimization factors along with valuable recommendations to improve off page optimization for your website to rank better on search engines.

Cost: 600$

5: Web Usability Report

This is another important report that our SEO research services experts generate for your persual. The web usability report primarily focuses on the conversion ratio of your website. The report goes deep into the matrix of your website to understand the problem areas. This SEO research and analysis report overall identifies solutions for enhancing usability of your website.

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