Magento Search Engine Optimization Services

Magento is a fastest growing and the most popular open source based shopping cart used by businesses across thr world. If you run a Magento store and need help to get the store optimized for top search rankings, our Magento SEO services are for you. Our search engine optimization experts have researched and discovered a number of effective techniques to optimize Magento Platform based websites. Use our Magento SEO experience to Optimize your E-commerce Website Now.

Magento SEO Services

Installation of Magento's SEO Suite Pro :

  • Add Canonical URL and Robot Meta tags to the HTML head of Magento pages.
  • Transform all Product tag URLs to SEO recognizable tags.
  • Automatically generates a SiteMap Extension
  • XML Site Map files

Advanced Magento SEO Services :

  • Addition of Meta tag with admin calibration
  • Removing HTML tags from Meta descriptions
  • Generating user and search engine friendly tag URLs
  • Creating Product short description for Description Meta tag.
  • Re-routing non www traffic to www
  • Fragment the Google XML Sitemap into multiple Sitemap files
  • Manual setting of NOINDEX, FOLLOW Robots Meta tag for specific pages
  • Display of links to different Store Views on Site Map page
  • Inclusion of additional links (footer and custom links) into the front end Site Map
  • Generate correct Google XML Site Map files with links equal to Canonical URLs
  • Link only user friendly RSS Feed URLs
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Site Map submission to yahoo, Bing and Google.

Know More About Our Magento SEO Services :

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