Keyword Research & Analysis Report

Effective and extensive keyword research by far is the single most important variable between you
and success of your Internet marketing campaign.

Understanding the critical importance of quality keyword
, we at BrainPulse have devised strategies using
the latest proprietary software to prepare for you a
list of superior keywords meant to bring real targeted
. Our keyword research strategy involves careful
planning and understanding of user patterns from across
a cross section of important search engines.

The Keyword Research Methodology

Our keyword research
is driven by your business needs.
By applying cutting edge technology and in-depth analysis
of user trends we aim to enlighten you about all the
keywords which can help you maximize ROI.

The research takes into account these important variables:

To inspire more confidence and to help you choose a keyword research package as per your individual needs and requirements, we have structured two different packages.

Keyword Research And Analysis Reports

Totally orienting ourselves to your needs, we provide comprehensive keyword research reports in tandem to your specific requirement. The reports are prepared to cater to two different online business requirements- SEO keyword analysis report and PPC keyword report.

SEO Keyword Research Report

Choosing the right targeted keywords is of cardinal importance for a SEO campaigns eventual success. That is why we have structured a unique SEO keyword research methodology that aims to give you the clear picture about all aspects pertaining to keywords and identifies the ideal keywords based on your business model and goals. The comprehensive SEO keyword report includes:

Keyword Count Analysis:
Referring to the number of times a keyword has been searched upon. The counts can be furnished individually depending on the source of information (Google, Overture, MSN etc.) or as a complete count taking into account all the sources.
Competition Encountered:
This aspect of the report will delve into the number of competing pages for that particular keyword. This information can be very helpful in understanding what needs to be done with optimization so as to rank higher than the competition
The Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI):
This variable can give you great insight into the probable effectiveness of a particular keyword. The report will generate KEI for all the chosen keywords; higher the KEI, greater will be the chances of achieving top ten rankings with that particular keyword’s optimization. KEI analysis can undoubtedly work wonders for your keyword optimization goals.
Keyword Ratio:
It is a difficult assessment tool. It can predict the amount of search engine optimization that needs to be done for optimization of a particular page. The nearer the value is to zero; easier it would be to optimize a page.

PPC keyword research report

Understanding the dominant
position of pay per click (PPC) in the online advertising
space and the amazing number of real targeted visitors
PPC can bring-in. The BrainPulse Keyword Research Lab can
prepare a keyword list specifically targeting their
effectiveness value and bidding costs.

This report will classify the keywords as per their
competitiveness and would segregate them as
High competition keywords
(Higher bid value)
and Low competition keywords (Low
bid value).

The research labs expertise would go a step
further as you would be provided with a list of
keywords having potential but still are easy to
bid upon.

keyword research reports are presented individually
or as a package to meet your internet marketing goals.

Keywords are a key part of any Internet marketing
strategy and the BrainPulse research lab can
make the whole process of choosing all the right keywords
very easy

Get in touch with us and tell us about your needs.
We are sure a plan can be worked out that's just perfect
match for your business requirements.

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