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At BrainPulse SEO Company, we understand that no two websites have identical SEO needs and hence put forward customized SEO Plans to answer different SEO requirements of various websites. Currently, we are running 4 primary SEO plans that are specifically packaged to deal with varying levels of competition in the market. Depending on the level of competition on the targeted keywords or themes one may choose from any of the SEO Services Plans as mentioned below.

Standard SEO Plan

Categorized on the basis of website’s number of pages and number of target keywords, these plans are easy to choose from. All SEO services offered in standard SEO plans are as per our SEO standards. Reports on updates can be requested on monthly or weekly basis. These plans are packaged in strict accordance with your business requirements and keeping in mind budgetary constraints.

Business SEO Plan

The plan is best fit for multi-pages websites of corporates and giant businesses, targeting at themes having extremely high level of competition. It incorporates cutting-edge and proven SEO techniques to achieve Top 10 rankings. Our business plans are best suited for the corporate websites with thousands of pages on promotion. These cutting edge and ethical Business SEO plans are the perfect mix of SEO techniques and business expertise

Milestone SEO Plan

The plan is based on the Pay-As-You-Go model and asks clients to pay only when the pre-decided milestone of ranking is achieved. Not only the plan is affordable but also lets you maintain a close watch on every progress made in terms of website’s ranking and search visibility. These are the highly customized SEO plans involving different set of marketing and optimization techniques and time based progress tracking tools

Traffic Driven Plan

Running on the Pay-Per-Performance based SEO model, the plans asks for payment only on the delivery of quality traffic. Initiating with proper on-page optimization of your website, the plan will further have expert SEO professionals working on your website regularly to boost traffic. These SEO plans are backed with our SEO guarantee and ensure improvement in your bottom-line ROI on an ongoing traffic tracking basis.

All SEO Plans Are Offered With Added Value :

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