CRE Loaded Search Engine Optimization

CRE loaded SEO is getting important by each passing day. CRE Loaded is an incredibly powerful and flexible open source that offers full control over your entire site catalogue and integration with popular payment gateways. It has for sure made organizing, managing and shipping your products via your online store a lot easier. But how is your application built on CRE Loaded platform performing with search engines? Are your potential customers able to spot it among the top search engine rankings? Do not ponder much because we are here to take acre of that. BrainPulse SEO experts have brought together the best CRE Loaded SEO services in India.

CRE Loaded SEO Services

CRE Loaded SEO Services Cover :

  • Rewriting meta tags for each product for laser-targeted SEO
  • Rewriting Title Tag and description
  • Converting dynamic links into search engine friendly static links for each category, product, manufacturer and content page.
  • Facilitating canonical tag support to keep away duplicate content worries.
  • Support folders rather than of .php for all links
  • Verifying that all external links are visible by Google

Addition Activities :

  • Thorough image optimization
  • Rendering genuine content optimization.
  • Providing XML Sitemap creation and submission
  • Thoroughly checking errors and creating custom 404 not found page

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