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Google is currently rolling out its Penguin 4.0 algorithm update. Like its predecessors penguin 2.0 and Penguin 3.0, the update is ready to punish those who are involved in link spamming or having a bad backlink profile. However, the good news is that if you have worked hard and cleaned your backlink profile, you can be reinstated to the Google's good book. Means, Penguin 4.0 would also revoke your existing penalty if your backlink profile fulfills the link quality norms.

We have been to a number of Penguin updates so far, and all those updates established a moot point-

A website’s position in the search, its authority, and the general site’s quality is mainly affected by the website’s backlink profile. To organize and enlist rankings, search engines use links as votes and endorsement for a website.

Keep Auditing Your Backlink Profile:

If Penguin 4.0 helped you got your rankings back and penalty lifted, it doesn't necessarily mean that your website is out of danger. Google frequently roll out different algorithm refreshes, and one of those refreshes might hit you again. This is why, being a marketer or an SEO, you should keep working on filtering your link profile.

Quick Tips On How To Perform Regular Bakclink Audit?

You should run a link audit on different intervals to find if your backlink profile is free from any rot. A single bad link could hit your websites ranking and trust flow badly. If you follow these 5 rules, you will watch your site's organic traffic on top.

Check If Backlinks Are Relevant:

Relevancy should be the most important link acquisition criterion.I have never seen a site penalized that had a 100% relevant backlinks. Here relevancy is measured around general content theme of the linking domain, the content found on the linking page and the relevancy of the backlinks hitting the target domain.

Play Around Authority Websites:

While creating backlinks, trust only authority websites. PageRank was once a great tool to find website authority. But as Google discontinued it, you have to rely on third party metrics.They will ease your job. You can try out Ahrefs, Majestic and Open Site Explorer for checking various website matrices.

Check If Anchor Text Is Distributed Intelligently:

Distribution of backlink anchor text is significant to ranking. If a page is using wrong backlink anchor texts, it will prevent your website from ranking. In addition, using aggressive anchor text can invite Google penalties. Therefore, aim to keep your exact match anchor text below 1%.

Obtain Backlinks From Clean Neighborhood Only:

When out for requesting backlinks, you should focus on the websites with high brand value and authority. Don't transact backlinks with low quality websites. When requesting backlinks from a website, check – a) the websites they are linking out to; b) if the outbound links are relevant?; c) Are the outbound links going to trusted sites?

Type Of Backlinks You Must Avoid:

Though, top rankings itself indicate that your backlinks are of quality, don't skip the chances of improvements. Make backlink profiling a habit. To audit your links- flush the pesky links out and keep the quality links intact.

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