Business SEO Services

Our Business SEO Plan is specifically devised for high-end corporate and focused online businesses, running multiple websites with hundreds or thousands of pages on each. The plan aggressively works on increasing the website’s search engine ranking and placement on keywords facing medium to high level competition in the industry. We have on board, the best team of SEO experts having in-depth knowledge and the exact ability to deliver Top Rankings for your website.

Websites Eligibility Criteria For Business SEO Services

  • Highly Competitive keywords (Results will be more than 1 million).
  • Spectrum of targeted keywords is more than 50.
  • Site having more than 150 pages.

Please Note: One can use name of the country / City etc. with their
keywords incase they are targeting specific geographic location, this will give you the exact competition
your keywords will face.

Business SEO Service Plan Includes

  • Keywords Competiton analysis and website assessment
  • Website architure overhaul to ensure it is search engine friendly
  • Ensure spiderability of search engine bots.
  • Site optimization of Meta Tags and website content
  • Manual Submission in search engines and Online directories
  • Link popularity building via link exchange
  • Article marketing
  • press release distribution
  • Social media marketing
  • Monthly reporting on progress on major search engine rankings

Price Range: 3750$ to 15000$

Terms Of Contract: Business SEO Service Plan

  • Time frame of all Business SEO Service contract can vary from a minimum of 9 months
    - 12 months
  • Business SEO service plan is covered by our SEO Guarantee
  • This plan is good to target upto 15 keywords, incase your keyword spectrum in big then we recommend Intense SEO services Plan.

Incase you feel that this plan is not appropriate for your website please
check the Intense SEO service Plan

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