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If your web site search ranking has taken a dive post-penguin, there are chances that your site sustains a potentially low backlink and penalized becuase of spammy links. Being an expert SEO Company in India, we understand that your website's backlink profile depends upon a number of things majorly - how you have built your links ? Where the links came from ? and What is the quality of your links ? Search engines now consider it to deliver quality search engine results. This is why you need a clean backlink profile and to get it from the scratch, you need backlink profiling experts like us.

Our Backlink Profiling Methodology

There are different levels of penalties Google impose individually on business websites. If your website has been penalized or de-indexed due to ambiguous or spammy backlinks, our proven backlink profiling services are there for rescue. We have a team of Link Building professionals who offer you high quality profile backlinks so that you can climb high in search rankings with customized Google Penalty Recovery services and plans. The primary activities we follow during the backlink profiling services India include:

  • Thorough analysis of your and your competitors backlink profile.
  • Complete analysis of the strongest backlinks.
  • Exploring possible weak backlinks.

1. Anchor Text Analysis:

To ensure a solid backlink profile for our clients we evaluate the anchor texts used in the website. During the analysis our core focus is on following issues:

  • If too many optimized anchor text is used
  • If no or less branded links in the profile
  • If many links are using the same anchor text

If we find any of the above issues in your backlink profile, we start working to fix the same. First we branded links for your link profile with complete or maximum variation in anchor text.

2. Link Positioning Analysis:

Since a link does appear in number of places on a web page, our next focus is to create and maintain a fine balance between the various positions of links. After thorough link positioning analysis, we attempt to create more backlinks in the web page. We also put serious efforts to remove unnatural link and spammy links in the comments.

3. Managing Link Types:

Link types play a significant role in creating a natural link profile. If your link profile does rely on a few types of links, it could be a potential reason for the penalty. Here our webmasters prepare a report to mention if your link profile has generic directory links or having less emphasis on links from relevant blogs. Alternatively, we make sure to increase the number of backlinks links on relevant blogs and forums without submission in generic link directories.

4. Comprehensive Backlink Profile Reporting

We are in the business of search engine optimization since 1997 and it is hardly difficult for us to clean up and manage your backlink profile in the most incredible manner. Not only we analyze your entire backlink profile against any shortcoming that may lead to the Google Penalty but also prepare a comprehensive report is .csv format. BrainPulse gives plenty of reasons to trust our backlink profiling services:

  • The backlinks we create are permanent and active.
  • Profiles are created only in the websites with the PR 3+.
  • One way non-reciprocal and 100% do-follow backlinks.

5. Bad Backlink Removal With Disavow:

This is probably the most important activity that shapes up your backlink profile for better and solid reach in search engines. With Backlink removal with Disavow we request Google to remove backlinks if it is not possible to remove it from the source. The tool is an initiative from Google where webmasters upload links in the disavow file as no-follow links. The tool then removes those links cleanse your backlink profile.

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