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Organic searches contribute to the most of the organic traffic a website receives. Over 60% of online users tend to use search engines to explore information, discover products and purchase services. Thus, a website needs to be in top three positions in order to get found by its potential customers. If your online business is struggling to take off due to poor ranking and traffic, our best SEO services in Chandigarh will help. We are a 20+ year old SEO company with varied range of customized SEO plans. They are designed to improve online visibility, attract massive potential traffic (targeted) and generate leads for your business.

Why SEO is Integral to Your Business Success?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best tool so far known for marketing your business website. It’s an ideal way to create massive audience engagement and generate converting leads. Websites with good traffic and impressive ranking get maximum benefits compared to their competitors. See through some of the noteworthy benefits of SEO for your business.

It’s estimated that more than 70% of online buyers start off their buying journey via organic search and over 89% of potential customers conduct online research to find a suitable and affordable product they are looking at.

Organic Ranking

Search engine optimization can put you on top of the organic search results for most competitive keywords. Organic rankings obtained through SEO campaigns are long term and sustainable.

More Traffic

Well-thought SEO campaigns improve your organic search rankings in premium search engines. Higher you rank in the SERP for competitive keywords, more the traffic you get.

Targeted Customers

Since SEO helps you rank higher for high volume keywords, it brings targeted visitors on your website searching for those keywords. These visitors are more likely to get converted into paying customers.

More Conversion

Targeted traffic on your website directly impacts the conversion. Interested customers are more likely to buy from you. SEO services in Chandigarh help to bring those genuine and interested buyers to your website.

User Experience

An Ideal SEO strategy takes care of various technical SEO aspects such as page speed, navigation, Website layout and code errors etc. Once fixed, it can eventually enhance the user experience at scale.

Brand Trust

If you continue to rank well and generate massive traffic, your customers assume you a trust worthy brand and a valuable asset. They perceive you as a brand that can deliver on its promises.

Best SEO Company in Chandigarh: Our Services

Brainpulse offers its clients a wide range of fully customized SEO services in Chandigarh. These services are designed to help you grab top organic rankings on SERPs and create better audience engagement. Organic rankings are integral to traffic, leads and revenue. Your quest for professional SEO ends with Brainpulse.

Link Building

Backlinks are the essential ranking signals for search engines to determine your brand authority and relevancy. Our link builders analyze your overall backlink profile to find good and bad backlinks and explore opportunities to get new backlinks from authority sites.

App Store Optimization

Our ASO services enable mobile marketers to grow their mobile app’s visibility and increase downloads in respective app stores. Our App store SEO consultants help you skyrocket app rankings and conversion rates through optimizing organic app listings.

Google Penalty Recovery

If you have recently noticed sudden drop in website ranking and traffic, it’s due to a possible Google penalty imposed. Our SEO consultants run assessment to find and fix low-quality site, hidden text and thin keyword-stuffed content that caused the drop and invited penalty.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO consultants are talented and well aware about Google algorithms and constant changes in SEO paradigm. They plan and launch full-fledged SEO campaigns to provide brands maximum visibility and higher ranking. From launch to performance reporting, they do it all for you.

Local SEO

Our local SEO is an ideal solution if you are targeting local buyers for your products and services. Our SEO experts help local businesses get higher rankings and massive traffic for local searches. As more of your customers are searching for local businesses, local SEO is need of the hour.

Google SEO

Our Google SEO aims at providing your website top positioning in Google. Our team of SEO experts and Google backed Search Engine Optimization best practices make higher search rankings possible for your keywords. Stay on top of the SEO curve with maximum visibility, traffic and sales.

Our Process

At Brainpulse, best SEO Services Company in Chandigarh we follow a time tested search engine optimization process. The step by step process is designed to achieve your online business goals by focusing on your evolving business needs. Our Google backed SEO strategies help us make your business more visible.

Website Audit

As name suggest website audit is a process of evaluating your website elements and a website that grades the site for its ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). Audits are completed by checking each step on your audit list and finding any issues that need to be repaired or improved to boost your page's search engine performance.

Competitor Analysis

Our website analysis is a focused approach to understand the competitors, level of competition evaluate opportunities and analyze major pain points. Your SEO campaigns are made around these elements and our SEO experts positioning strategy accordingly. The step aims at finding issues and recommending remedies to repair them.

Keyword Research

With comprehensive keyword research we find out what are the keywords your target audience is searching and how much effort it will take to get your website ranked for those keywords. We find best and competitive high search volume keywords for your website SEO and content development.

Content Optimization

Content is integral to a website ranking. Our content optimization is a thorough process to tweak website content in a way that it can reach and engage largest target audience. Our content marketers add more value to your content by adding keywords, Meta and title tags and relevant links. These are most required for organic rankings in Google.

Backlink Analysis

During backlink analysis, our link building experts analyze existing backlinks and acquire new backlinks from white hat link acquisition methods. Our team utilizes some of the premium link audit tools to find good and bad backlinks and exploring opportunity for new links. Links are grabbed via outreach programs and influencer programs.

Performance Optimization

Content is integral to a website ranking. Our content optimization is a thorough process to tweak website content in a way that it can reach and engage largest target audience. Our content marketers add more value to your content by adding keywords, Meta and title tags and relevant links. These are most required for organic rankings in Google.

Brainpulse: Best SEO Company in Chandigarh

Since 1998 we have been serving global clientele with custom SEO services that are meant increase online visibility and organic traffic. If you are still struggling with low website ranking and dipping online traffic, contact us now without any further delay. Join our 8000+ strong happy clientele whom we helped in having a towering business presence.

Still struggling with poor website visibility and ranking? Brainpulse is here to help. Contact us now and talk to our SEO consultants how we can help you with this with guaranteed growth and maximum ROI.

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