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Organic search traffic is integral to any online business as it brings more qualified leads and generates more business. Growing visitor traffic on a website exponentially increases its visibility and builds brand trust. But gaining momentum in competitive search market place isn’t a cakewalk. It requires strategy, efforts and best practices in place. We are Brainpulse, a professional SEO Services Company in Bangalore with two decades of expertise in search engine optimization services.

Brainpulse, top SEO services company in India has guided many thousands online businesses through top organic search rankings in major search engines specially Google. Unlike other SEO agencies, we stick to ethical SEO activities and established Google standards. We aim at providing our clients best search engine optimization services in Bangalore with guaranteed ROI.

Your Business Needs SEO, Here is why:

At times when people tend to search and buy products online, you can’t afford to rank poorly in SERP. Web sites appearing on top of the search results receive more traffic and leads that eventually turn into sales. If you rank higher in the search queries user searches, you improve your chances of attracting more clicks and attention than your competitors. Let’s see through the many benefits of SEO that a professional SEO company, Bangalore can bring to you with customized SEO campaigns.

Organic Traffic

SEO is the best source of free organic traffic on your website. Maximum footfalls a website receives come via organic search. A well optimized website always ranks higher in the SERPs and gets more targeted traffic.

More Visibility

As your website starts receiving more traffic, it’s exposed to a large number of targeted visitors that are looking for products and services you’re selling. It significantly spikes up website’s visibility.

Impressive ROI

Just set realistic expectations with your SEO campaigns and get the highest ROI. Organic searches generate 15 times more clicks than paid search. You can maximize your ROI by optimizing your website well.

Cost Savings

The cost of running paid campaigns for getting instant results is way more than the SEO. Since SEO campaigns are set for long durations for returning conversions, they cost less than a paid campaign.

Decision Making

With each campaign, SEO brings a huge chunk of quantifiable analytics data and insights. This quantifiable data helps marketers analyze results and compare metrics for further improvements and decision making.

Credibility and Trust

A website with its element well optimized instills sense of trust and credibility. A fast loading website with less complicated navigation and flawless user experience can easily gain users’ trust and earn reputation.

SEO Services in Bangalore: Our Services Bouquet

We have a number of services on offer. They are specially designed for your evolving and ever-growing business needs. Whether you need to make more links for your website or want to target your local buyers at scale, we have a fully customize service to serve your purpose.

SEO or search engine optimization is a very useful tool for marketers who want to bring more qualified leads that convert into high paying customers. Various reports suggest that SEO can deliver way better ROI than traditional forms of marketing like TV and print ads. If applied wisely and with proven strategies in place, search engine optimization can bring visibility, web traffic and deeper insight into customer behavior. We are the best SEO agency in Bangalore ready to unlock all these SEO benefits for your business.

Link Building

Ethical link building services for creating high quality backlinks for your website in an organically using legitimate and white hat acquisition methods.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) services help to optimize your mobile apps in for higher rankings in respective app stores.

Google Penalty Recovery

With Google penalty recovery service we restore your rankings and traffic you lost due to Google algorithmic penalties.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO consultants in Bangalore monitor your website without fail in order to find and fix errors causing ranking drop.

Local SEO

The service is designed especially for small businesses and multi-location enterprises to help them generate more business locally.

Dedicated SEO

Hire dedicated SEO teams to work on your in-house projects dedicatedly. Cost effective and convenient.

Best SEO Agency in Bangalore: Our Process

As a professional SEO agency in Bangalore we understand the importance of a full-fledged process to realize the promises of SEO. Our SEO process is time tested for 99.99% desired results and highest ROI. There is no shortcut to search engine optimization unless you risking your website’s credibility and ranking by applying spam and black hat techniques. Our SEO experts in Bangalore make a fool proof SEO process and stick to it.

Website Audit

A website audit takes into account every element of your website that can impact your site’s SEO performance. Our SEO experts in the Bangalore conduct examination to determine if your website is ready to achieve its traffic goals and if not what are the factors affecting it.

Keyword Research

With keyword research, we run a comprehensive keyword analysis to find how people search, what they are searching for. Optimizing website content around these high volume and high-value keywords help you present your website before your targeted customer.

Off Page Optimization

Our SEO consultants conduct ethical off-page optimization activities outside the website. These activities are meant to improve your website visibility and establish brand authority. Off page optimization significantly improve your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).

On page Optimization

Unlike off page, on page optimization is a process of optimizing web pages for higher rankings in search results. The process takes into consideration several on site elements that can be optimized including HTML, source code, website speed and on-site content etc.

Backlink Audit

Website’s backlink analysis paints a complete picture of your website’s overall link health. Our link building professionals evaluate all backlinks pointing to your website. They find all good and bad links and prepare a strategy to retain quality links and remove bad backlinks.

Performance Monitoring

A campaign is futile unless monitored and measured. Our SEO team utilizes best SEO tools to track everything. They evaluate every aspect including rankings, conversions, lost links and more. Constant monitoring and improvements are critical to your SEO campaign success.

Best SEO Services Company in Bangalore: Why Brainpulse?

We are the topmost SEO agency in Bangalore with a commitment to help businesses with high visibility, top search rankings and consistent business growth. We have been doing this since 1998. You can see our past works in our portfolio section. We understand it better than anyone else what it takes to defeat the competition and move on top. You can count on our 20+ years of domain expertise, a team of apt SEO professionals and Google backed SEO best practices.

Still struggling with poor website visibility and ranking? Brainpulse is here to help. Contact us now and talk to our SEO consultants how we can help you with this with guaranteed growth and maximum ROI.

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