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Email Marketing Infrastructure Guidelines

Email Marketing Infrastructure Guideline

Before launching your email campaign, you need to ensure that your email marketing infrastructure is in place and up-to-date. A robust email marketing infrastructure makes sure that your emails are hitting the right inbox. Properly configured email infrastructure is mandatory to bring hot prospects and grow business. Unless you setup a proper infrastructure for your next campaign, you won’t be able to send targeted emails to registered subscribers that eventually will lead to lower click-through rates and missed earning opportunities.


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Emailer Design Compatibility

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Compatibility Factors With Email Design

emailer design compatibility

Regardless of the type of an email (an e-newsletter, promotion, transactional email or announcement) email marketers need to follow certain emailer designing standards to ensure compatibility. This is important, as emails are opened for several email clients and different browsers as soon they are launched. Email designing compatibility is significant to your campaign success. Aside from the email design, it’s also important how your emails interact with different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE), email clients (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) and mobile apps.


Obtain vs Purchased Email List

organic email list

Achieving maximum deliverability is the end goal of every email marketer. Email marketing infrastructure setup and optimization efforts go in vain if emails don’t hit into the right inbox. Delieverability of a campaign eventually depends upon the authenticity of the email list your campaign used. Authentic data leads to surging open rates, while unverified and ambiguous data in email list could result unexpected surge in bounce rate, unsubscribe requests and IP blacklisting.


Email Campaign Tracking

email campaign tracking

Unless you are able to measure your email campaign, results would remain be unexpected. Irrespective of the optimization you have performed on your campaign, efforts go futile if you haven’t set goals to achieve. The great thing with email marketing is that this is one of the most measurable marketing mediums if done with right setup. Marketers can track every email on the parameters like how many people opened it, how many clicks occurred, where in the email they clicked, how they interacted with your website, and how much revenue each email marketing campaign generated. A brief guide here takes you through the metrics you should care about.