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E-Mail ValidationMany a times it comes to your notice that though you have scheduled your e-mail campaigns with all the cautions in place, most of your e-mails ended up in junk folders. Sometimes they are not delivered on scheduled time. Why so? This is because a huge number of email addresses in your list are either invalid or fake. These email addresses not only diminish your campaign's success rate but increases the bounce rate too.

BrainPulse offers you an accurate and secure email-validation service. It helps you remove up to 92-96% of invalid or emails and leads to higher open rates, clicks and conversions further.

Email Validation Activities

We offer highly innovative e-mail validation mechanism to clean up the email list. No more invalid or junk e-mails at all. We validate and verify email addresses before final sending. Our automated validation process reduces your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages get delivered. It's time to stop email bounce and start converting your prospects into customers

The tool keeps track of previously bounced messages and predicts whether or not an email address has a possibility to get bounced.

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Our high-tech tool verifies complete data twice that fetched through Data Mining to make sure that that data is active and fit for use. This Email validation tool validates every data and keep your contact database updated without any inconsistency.

It's high time to reduce your campaign bounce rate and enhance your marketing efforts.

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