Webalizer Web Analytics Services

Webalizer is a fully loaded, robust and instant analysis tool written in C language and used by the systems across the globe. This highly sophisticated tool supports multiple Log file Formats including IIS, CLF, Squid and Apache. Having a capability to process over 122000 records per second, Webalizer produces highly customizable HTML reports and can easily be configured using a plain-text configuration file. It extends a massive language support for over 30 languages and retains the log file history for partial log file processing.

With BrainPulse's Webalizer services you may effectively track the time when the site attained highest visitor traffic and the information about the IP addresses, the most requests sent from. Webalizer allows downloading the raw log files and viewing the reports in the web browser to make the log reporting convenient and unambiguous.

Count on the BrainPulse's Webalizer Services

We offer a number of distinct Webalizer services to help our clients our clients in getting a comprehensive information about about hits, files, pageviews, unique visits and unique sites altogether.

  • Complete installation, configuration and implementation of Webalizer.
  • Customization and segmentation services for Webalizer
  • Highly advanced and customized reporting
  • Webalizer data analysis and interpretation
  • Offering Webalizer Troubleshooting services
  • Recommending of actionable activities to accomplish your website and business objectives.
  • Efficient plan creation for monitoring, interpreting and acting on on collected data.

Enormous Advantages of Webalizer:

  • It allows you to generate highly customized HTML log reports
  • Reports can also be configured from command line
  • It makes log file processing of unlimited size possible
  • It simplifies the reporting of average URL processing time
  • Supports reporting in UTF-8 character set
  • Tracks the robot activity on the website
  • Generates HTTP error reports
  • Offers XSL templates to generate Flash graphs

BrainPulse has a competent team of skilled professionals who have decade long expertise implementing and monitoring Webalizer analytics for our global clients. The utmost satisfaction that we deliver to our clients is the end result of our zeal to explore every minute detail of the user requirement.

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